Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking Forward to the 2009 Season, part 3: games 9-12

Chris and I go through the newly released Dallas Cowboys schedule and make ridiculously early game predictions. Part 3 of 4.

Week 10, Nov. 15: Cowboys @ Packers

Alex: Coming off a very tough loss to Philly, the Cowboys are amped up for this one. And to top it off, November is historically Tony Romo's best month. HUGE win here.

Cowboys' record: Head: 7-2, Heart: 9-0

Chris: I think the Cowboys come out on top after an ugly loss, thanks mostly to a genuine desire to save face and talent differential. This, of course, assumes Barbie has become a leader in the linebacking corps.

Cowboys' record: Head: 6-3, Heart: 7-2

Week 11, Nov. 22: Cowboys vs. Redskins

Alex: The first game in the Dallas/Washington series this year, and God only knows where Jason Campbell's head will be at this point in the season, seeing as how Daniel Snyder shopped him to every team in the league, and they all went "Meh." Also, it's still November.

Cowboys' record: Head: 8-2, Heart: 10-0

Chris: The Cowboys really should win this game, but I just think Washington comes out with their hair on fire and something to prove. The game is won on sloppy play in the last five minutes. Washington will treat this game like their Super Bowl and proceed to tank the rest of the season.

Cowboys' record: Head: 6-4, Heart: 8-2

Week 12, Nov, 26 (Thanksgiving): Cowboys vs. Raiders

Alex: THE BATTLE OF THE BUSTS. Get ready for a blowout win, Stephen McGee gets extra playing time, and the live-blogging of the century, right here on

Cowboys' record: Head: 9-2, Heart: 11-0

Chris: I don't think there's any chance of a loss (note: this is late April). Oakland is too much of a disaster. Let this game come as a warning to you, Cowboys front office. Dallas is either playing the future version of their franchise in Oakland, or Oakland is playing their Ghost of Football Past. You know, right before the epic collapse.

Cowboys' record: Head: 7-4, Heart: 9-2

Week 13, Dec. 6: Cowboys @ Giants

Alex: It's December, and a lot of what happens in this game all depends on if Eli Manning can win games without Derrick Ward and Plaxico Buress. That said, I think NY will still be strong, and it's December. Time to break that 3 game streak.

Cowboys' record: Head: 9-3, Heart: 12-0

Chris: Nope. Not happening today. Loss. I'm a big fan of college-Hakeem-Nicks (again, this is April), and I think there's just a whole helluvalot of talent (still April) in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Plus, this game is in December (bad luck) and could very well be moved to a prime-time game.

Cowboys' record: Head: 7-5, Heart: 9-3

Be sure to check back in a few days for part 4!

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