Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shante Carver, here is your response

Shante Carver recently contacted us and wanted to know why we consider him a bust. You can read his comments here and here.

Shante, we agree that your play in the NFL improved each year. In 1997, you started all sixteen games for the Dallas Cowboys. Because you played (and started) the full slate of sixteen, we feel 1997 would be the best season to examine and the best example for our defense:

In 1997, the Dallas Cowboys finished 6-10. You had six sacks in five games. In those five games, the Cowboys went 4-1. In the other eleven games, the Cowboys went 2-9. We believe that you had a direct, positive impact on the Cowboys. We agree that when Shante Carver produces numbers, the Dallas Cowboys are doing well.

Additionally, you played behind some big names on the Cowboys' defensive line. That, along with a variety of other reasons, prevented you from getting on the field. However, you overcame it and started 25 consecutive games to finish your NFL career (23 reg., 2 playoffs). You also recorded a sack in the last Cowboys' playoff victory ('96-'97, MIN).

Looking at your entire body of NFL work, though, we feel your impact—in terms of consistency and production—did not match expectations for a first-round (23rd overall) draft pick.

Production can only occur when you get on the field. Your NFL career lasted 4 seasons, with only one full season (1997). During that final stretch of 25 straight games as a starter, you only tallied 9 sacks. On the whole, you played in 52 of 64 regular season games, starting 26, and you played in 5 of 7 playoff games, starting 4. Over 57 games, you recorded 13 sacks.

A short NFL career, with limited statistical value and an inability to stay on the field, neither meets the expectations nor realizes the potential of a first-round draft pick. The above characteristics qualify you as a bust on the NFL level.

Carver (98), with the 1993 Playboy All-American team, defense.

This is not to say you were not a success on other levels—you were an All-American at Arizona State and a finalist for the Outland Trophy and Lombardi Award, after all. Your inclusion on the Cowboys bust list is simply reflective of NFL production with respect to expectations.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Things

If you have spent any time on Facebook within the last two weeks and you have friends, you have likely been tagged in a "25 things" note, requiring you to write 25 interesting facts about yourself. Alex and I have developed our own 25 things, with a Cowboys-centric twist.

The 25-man roster for the All-Bust Cowboys


QB: Quincy Carter
RB: Troy Hambrick
FB: Nicky Sualua
OL: Erik Williams' hands
OL: Solomon Page
OL: Rob Petitti
OL: Torrin Tucker
OL: Matt Lehr
TE: Eric Bjornson, David LaFleur
WR: Antonio Bryant
WR: Stepfret Williams


CB: Dwayne Goodrich
CB: Kareem Larrimore
S: Izell Reese
S: Justin Bariault
LB: Darren Hambrick
LB: Orantes Grant
Finesse LB: Bobby Carpenter
DL: Shante Carver
DL: Kavika Pittman
DL: Hunndens Guiseppi "Peppi" Zellner
DL: Dimitrius Underwood


K: Jose Cortez
P: Micah Knorr

Coaching staff

Head Coach: Dave Campo
Asst. HC/ Offensive Coordinator: Chan Gailey
Defensive Coordinator: Brian Stewart
Special Teams: Mike Vanderjagt's ego
Quality Control: Wes Phillips


A gigantic happy 38th birthday to Shante "Shaka" Carver!

Carver, seen here sacking Brett Favre in the 1996 NFC Championship Game.