Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Things

If you have spent any time on Facebook within the last two weeks and you have friends, you have likely been tagged in a "25 things" note, requiring you to write 25 interesting facts about yourself. Alex and I have developed our own 25 things, with a Cowboys-centric twist.

The 25-man roster for the All-Bust Cowboys


QB: Quincy Carter
RB: Troy Hambrick
FB: Nicky Sualua
OL: Erik Williams' hands
OL: Solomon Page
OL: Rob Petitti
OL: Torrin Tucker
OL: Matt Lehr
TE: Eric Bjornson, David LaFleur
WR: Antonio Bryant
WR: Stepfret Williams


CB: Dwayne Goodrich
CB: Kareem Larrimore
S: Izell Reese
S: Justin Bariault
LB: Darren Hambrick
LB: Orantes Grant
Finesse LB: Bobby Carpenter
DL: Shante Carver
DL: Kavika Pittman
DL: Hunndens Guiseppi "Peppi" Zellner
DL: Dimitrius Underwood


K: Jose Cortez
P: Micah Knorr

Coaching staff

Head Coach: Dave Campo
Asst. HC/ Offensive Coordinator: Chan Gailey
Defensive Coordinator: Brian Stewart
Special Teams: Mike Vanderjagt's ego
Quality Control: Wes Phillips


Anonymous said...

Barbie, Why Im I considered a bust? Please help me understand this bust shit. Do you even know why? Or do you just go along with everyother so called blogger expert who knows nothing about -playing football except what they hear from other bloggers. Really I want to hear why Im such a bust in your eye's. Please, pretty please let me know WHY. By the way this is Shante' Carver I cant wait to see what you say.

Michael said...

I am not Barbie but I can answer your question. Shante, You were a bust because you did not fulfill the expectations and your potential. It was not because you were without talent. It was because you squandered that talent. You status as a #1 that could have kept improving contributed to the steady decline of the Cowboys instead of an eventual rebound. There is a domino effect when a player like you can't continue his career for at least 10-12 years. It means that right when you should be coming into your own and filling an important role on the team, instead you are gone and now the team has to spend another premium pick (0r two or three)to fill that position again instead of having the luxury of trying to fill another need, like CB or WR. Every missed pick or failed player due to off-the-field issues adds to the depletion of talent on the team until its insurmountable. You didn't just let Jerry Jones and the fans down. You let team-mates and the coaches down too. How many coaches were fired eventually because of the accumulated loss of talent? In any case, I forgive you and wish you well in whatever your doing.

Sam C. said...

Great recent list; Try digging deeper to the 80's. PRetty bad drafting that decade, too. All these guys were in the first 4 rounds: Danny Noonan, Ron Francis, Darryl "I can't return a kickoff past the 25" Clack, Injury proned Mike Sherrard, Kevin Brooks, Robert Lavette, Billy Cannon, Victor Scott. I don't know how old you guys are, but I've watched just about every game since 1986 at age 8, and a lot of these guys contributed to some early misery in my childhood. Reviewing the 2000-2002 draft classes makes me want to vomit: