Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The World Will End on August 29, 1997

Unless John Conner can stop it from happening, which he apparently did. With his new freedom, he is auditioning for the Dallas Cowboys.

"The rest of thursday's visits include(d) Kentucky fullback John Conner..." (Dallas blog)

In related news, our own Bobcat Carpenter, in preperation for the event that John Conner is in fact drafted by the Cowboys, has collected all of the iHelmets he planned to give this years draftees, as well as those own by Royshonda and himself, and hid them in a bunker under his house he has codenamed "Cyberdyne Systems." Word is he hid them first in fear of John Conner becoming confused and mistaking him and his teammates for early terminators, but then thought, "how funny would it be, if I just broke it out occasionally, put it on Keith Brooking's head during practices and watching what happens?"

No word yet on the whereabouts of Sarah Conner. Arnold Schwartzennegar declined comment.

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