Thursday, May 6, 2010

Farewells and Other News

It's been a busy day on this march 6th, 2010. On national mexican hangover day, it seems two teams have had enough of their once future stars.

In California, Lane Kiffin was laughing in his cushy USC office as Al Davis finally wised up and cut JaMarcus Russell-Carpenter, paving the way for Jason Campbell to become the next quarterback to fail in Oakland.

In related news, The Cowboys are in the midst of finalizing a trade sending Alex Barron from the Rams to the Cowboys in exchange for one Mrs. Barbie Russell-Carpenter. Maybe change will be good for the former first round pick, but at least 2 writers are sitting at their desks today wondering just exactly which Cowboy bust we're going to tease now. With no answers coming directly to mind, as Royshonda is a side character at best, we are temporarily reverting to the likes of Shante Carver, Peppi Zellner, Marco Rivera and the Cabo gang.

For now, though, all we can do is wish him well in his new life, and say, "Happy Trails."

We drafted Dex Bryant. There was much rejoicing.
Royshonda meanwhile was found sharpening her nails a-la wolverine, with the hopes that puncturing balls thrown her way will stick to her hands, proving she deserves to be a starter.

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