Monday, May 10, 2010

It's official.

Sigh. All good things must end.

Today, the deal is official: Barbie has been traded to the St. Louis Rams.

Source: Dallas Cowboys swap LB Bobby Carpenter for St. Louis Rams tackle Alex Barron - ESPN Dallas

We'll have more of a goodbye to Bobby soon (along with finalizing blog subjects for this coming season), but until then, we leave you with some Isaac Hayes.

Isaac Hayes - Never Can Say Goodbye

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Lyndon said...

Dang man, I know its late but Im from Dallas currently attending architecture school at Arkansas and I just found out your not with my boys anymore when I played Madden11. That sucks, cause I always played with you as starting backer. you were my favorite cause you had the power of a linebacker, but the speed to keep up with ends and most receivers. Hope all goes well for you with the rams. good luck man. going to be a sad year without you on the squad buddy. LJ