Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 2 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games.


Arizona @ Jacksonville

Chris: I give Jacksonville the edge for being the home team against a Todd Haley-less Arizona Cardinals. I really shouldn't give the Jaguars this much credit after making a terrible uniform redesign, but Arizona needs to show me something outside the NFC West.

Alex: Two words: Larry Fitzgerald. On top of that, Arizona has a stout run defense, limiting Frank Gore to 30 yards on a staggering 22 carries. Jacksonville's biggest receiving threat: Troy Williamson. I'm sorry, Arizona on paper totally outmatches Jacksonville. I can't ignore that.

New England @ New York Jets

Chris: Sure, New England may not be the same Runnin' Pats of the early '00s, but I think they have enough in the tank plus Tom Brady to beat Matt Sanchez at home.

Alex: With Rex Ryan and Bart Scott, The New York Ravens are in full swing. It'll take everything they've got, but hell, why not? The Bills took the Pats to the edge and back, and the Jets are stronger. It's a gut pick, really.

New Orleans @ Philadelphia

Chris: Okay, I admit it, I forgot McNabb was hurt. I was riding the high of a dominant win over the Panthers. I'm just going to pray the home field advantage of Philadelphia + ziplock bags of urine being thrown at Cajuns from rowdy fans is enough for the Eagles to scrape out a win.

Alex: 5,084 passing yards over the last 16 games. 'Nuff said.
Also, why the hell was Jeff Garcia brought in if they feel good about McNabb? Vick, who has high hopes for the season, Garcia, who led this team to the playoffs once in McNabb's abscence, McNabb has the pressure on. His job is lost by season's end.

Tampa Bay @ Buffalo

Chris: Tampa is bad and Buffalo let a close game slip in Foxboro. Leodis McKelvin had his front yard vandalized (though I hear it was a giant penis), and the Bills are at home. The Bills don't want any more phalluses gracing their property. I smell a win, but it won't be graceful.

Alex: I agree, Tampa is one letter away from Tampax, and typically they just can't stop the flow of losses coming in at the hands of stronger teams. However, Buffalo has a bad habit of losing games it should win...SO....this might be a 3-0 win for either team. I just really like Byron Leftwich. I think he's a cool guy.

Cleveland @ Denver

Chris: The Broncos should have lost to the Bengals last week. The Browns were out-Favred and out-AdrianPetersoned. After all these years, I still don't know what exactly the Cleveland Browns are. One year you think they'll stink, the next year they squeak out 10-6 and ruin that guaranteed top ten first-round draft pick you got from them. Then they go 4-12. Denver benefits from poor Ohio football management + rides the fumes from last week to a win over the Browns.

Alex: Denver is a hot mess right now, and a lucky win doesn't change that. Yes, the Cowboys went 6-10 with Vinny Testaverde at the helm and that isn't lost on me, but there is just too much going wrong in the mile high city. That said, it is Cleveland, a team which when I say "I'm taking them to the superbowl" I am usually referring to a bowel movement. A close game, but at least Cleveland is unified under a dictator, rather than torn apart by one.

New York Giants @ Dallas

Chris: The Cowboys are opening their new stadium and plan to make it a night to remember. The last time the Cowboys played a home game (against the Ravens for the closing of Texas Stadium), they forgot how to defend the run. I really want Dallas to win, but I think they find a way to blow it in the end against a motivated NYG team.

Alex: Dallas. Please. Opening a new stadium expected to set record attendance against a rival? this is a blowout, regardless of which team is on top. Someone is riding the energy and I think it's Dallas.

Indianapolis @ Miami

Chris: I think the curtain is slowly coming down on the Colts' Manning-era run. Because of that, they stand to lose some games they should win. This is one of those games.

Alex: Miami looked horrible last week against a team that, although tough, was considered to be at the same level as Miami last season. Either miami has regressed, which is what I'm banking on, or Matt Ryan and the Falcons have made some major strides. Both are probably true.

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