Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Chris and Alex make their final Super Bowl calls.

: We need to do SB picks. Arizona has my heart tied up with Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth. Which apparently is also a Lasso of Justice, and the underdog. And maybe this is just my heart being real persuasive, and head being weak. But, I point to Parcell's last year, when we were tearing teams up. In comes Sean Payton, our old OC, with the Saints. Knows our personnel, our defense, and rips us, 41-17.

So, I see Whisenhunt knowing all that. And Pittsburgh is just good enough to keep it close. And then on top of that, Warner has SB experience. And Leinart isn't the QB. Also, the Pitt O-line is 29th in the league in sacks given up. And last year, they gave up 4 to a significantly worse Cardinals team, with a significantly better, Alan Faneca driven O-line.

I don't know. I'm riding the "shock the world" wave. Give me your opinions.

Chris: As far as knowing your enemy and understanding the personnel, I say Tomlin & Co. are just as able to analyze their opponent and neutralize the QB threat as Whisenhunt and Grimm. Now if I remember correctly, when you take Pittsburgh's D vs the opposing QB, the opposing QB has a 60-some rating. If you take Arizona's D vs opposing QB, the QB has a 90-some rating. I think Pittsburgh's D will be able to create enough of a mess for Warner.

Lucky for Pitt, their D is the strength, so I think Pitt's O vs Arizona's mystery D is a wash. It isn't as MUCH of a concern as the other match-up. I think Pittsburgh just needs to move the ball and not screw things up-- basically what they've done all year. Nothing fancy, just enough. If Roethlisberger screws up or goes down, I think Pitt's chances might be affected IF Arizona can get points off turnovers (with O) or if their D scores directly.

My heart, of course, wants Arizona to win—so the Steelers don't get six rings before the Cowboys. But my head sees Pittsburgh winning a close game.

Alex: Now hold on there, Chris. Remember now, if Roeth goes down, they have Leftwich. And in the games he played, he played well. I am actually of the impression that, behind that Steeler line, The Wich is better than the Burger. The Burger holds the ball too long.

Chris: I think I give the injury advantage to Arizona if Roeth goes down, for symbolism and momentum.

Alex: I think Roeth is the beneficiary of a GREAT team. Put Roeth in Dallas and we'd rip him apart. He'd be awful.

Chris: We'd rip whom apart?

Alex: Roeth. The media would tear him down. And so would opposing linemen. I don't think Roeth is worth anything. Just an okay player on a great team. Serviceable. Like Scott Mitchell, pre-Lions.

Chris: I think Roeth is a cool, calm, and collected leader.

Alex: Oh, he's a leader. But again, he became one because he's on a GREAT team. If he had played in Dallas his whole career, he'd be out of football. 'Cause our running game isn't good enough.

Chris: Being on a great team wasn't Aikman's fault, nor was it Steve Young's/ Joe Montana's fault. They may have made their teams better.

Alex: I know, I know. My point is, if Roeth goes down, I think the passing game is better off with the Wich.

Chris: Yeah. Warner going down is more damning than Roeth going down, for me.

Alex: Yeah. Leinart would choke harder than Vanderjagt on a LeBatt Blue.

Chris: Ouch.


Alex's heart: Arizona
Alex's head: Arizona, 32-24

Chris' heart: Arizona
Chris' head: Pittsburgh, 27-20

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