Friday, January 2, 2009

Week 17 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.


Winner: Chris

Alex: I really thought Houston was going to show us its true colors this past week. However, it's possible that they did. Look out next season.
Chris: Chalk this one up to Houston underachieving the entire season. The Texans are just a vanilla team. The franchise would win at least 1 additional game a year if they were the Oilers.

Winner: Alex

Alex: Just like last year. Minnesota makes the playoffs. But, in a tight loss, the Giants will win their playoff meeting against them, a la last season.
Chris: Minnesota takes it on a field goal. Enjoy the win, Minnesota, because I don't think you'll have the same luck against playoff Philadelphia.

Winner: Chris

Alex: Too bad the Jets don't make the playoffs this year. Does this make the Favre trade a wash?
Chris: I think people underestimate the Dolphins too much this season. Sure, just finishing with more than 1 win = their Super Bowl, but I think we do them a disservice by saying they're just happy to be here. Probably my quietest "greatest-turnaround-team-ever," ever.

Winner: Chris

Alex: 2 .500 teams, each with an equal chance of making the playoffs. And an 11-5 Pats team doesn't make it in, not to mention a certain 9-7 team that was ousted by an 8-8 Cards team....
Chris: It absolutely disgusts me that a 0.500 team is making the playoffs, but 0.500 is the perfect record for this team—you have absolutely no idea which squad will show up each Sunday. Good for them for squeaking into the playoffs. I guess.


Alex: Roethlis-Gradkowski. This is kind of a cop out, but with Roethlis-concussed, I can only assumed if he came back he would have played like Mr. Gradkowski.
Chris: I saw absolutely none of this game, but the Steelers won 31-0. Apparently Roethlisberger was knocked around/concussed, so I'll throw him a Roethlis-beef smoothie. Why on earth you would sacrifice already-tenderized meat to a blender, I have no idea. Why you would make a meat smoothie, I have no idea. But you're probably happy to get out alive and see another day.

Records this week
Alex: 10-6
Chris: 12-4

Final (reg. season) records

Alex: 151-104-1
Chris: 160-95-1

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