Thursday, August 27, 2009

Barbie's Absence from Practice....

"[Bobby] Carpenter didn't practice [today] because one of his eyes was swollen shut by a poison ivy infection. Phillips said the swelling went down enough for Carpenter to see in his meetings and doesn't expect it to change his status for Saturdays game. How Carpenter got the poison ivy though, is beyond his knowledge...

'I don't think he was out hunting or anything,' Phillips said."
From Dallas

There are 2 things we can gather from this recent development.

1. Bobby's manhood and/or ability to assimilate himself into the southern lifestyle is being questioned by Phillips. Wade clearly doesn't believe Bobby is a big hunter. Keith Brooking has been heard mumbling that he thought something was fishy when Bobby tried to tell him about his 120 caliber BB gun.

2. David Buehler is MUCH MORE CREATIVE than Zach Thomas ever was. Poison ivy prank? I think I have a new favorite player.

You can clearly see, just behind Mr. Buehler's right, a small poison ivy plant growing in a pot on his back patio. How long has he been planning this?

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