Monday, August 17, 2009

With Favre retired....

With Favre retired, it has occurred to me maybe his magic retired with him. 

My reasoning here is a bit complex. We all agreed last season that Romo is the heir apparent to Favre. Therefore, if Romo is the next Favre, he must have Romo-magic. However, given that Romo has a tendency to choke late in the season, (December, Playoffs, etc), it has become my belief that his magic is in fact black-magic.


Earlier this year, Romo and Tiger Woods played a Pro-Am together. Up until today, Tiger Woods was 14-0 when leading by 2 strokes going into the last day of a Major tournament. We are nearing the end of the Golf Year with this, the PGA Championship. 

Woods lost. In epic fashion. To a guy ranked 110th in the world.

Romo-Black-Magic has been passed to Tiger.

Cowboys fans, rejoice. We are going to win this year.

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