Saturday, August 15, 2009

Preseason Game 1: The Comeback

After a long summer, we here at Barbie are back with a vengeance. Chris and I were both away from our computers for the first preseason game, so here's a quick recap of the action:

Bobby started the game on the third down defense, and, as usual, had nearly no effect with the starters. In fact, he looked confused. The second quarter came around, and to my surprise, Bobby is apparently the one designated on the 2nd team defense to wear the play-calling helmet. Also, to my surprise, Bobby was actually listening to the plays, and not Keane's first album on repeat through the iHelmet. The 2nd quarter and beyond is just filled with bad news for Cowboys fans. The OAKLAND RAIDERS BACKUPS ran all over us. Our second team defense was so bad, in fact, it made Bobby look GOOD. That's right. After the starters were subbed out, Bobby had at least 2 clean tackles and a pass defense that in every right should have been an interception if he had any talent.

Bobby would later complain that his gloves were coated in some sort of grease, with a note saying "see you Week 6, signed, ZT"

Keith Brooking later consoled Bobby, and encouraged him to keep his head and his hair up. Some people will just never understand how difficult it is to be Bobby C.

No word yet on if Bobby and Brooking are actually buddies.

Look for Bobby Watch to start again preseason Week 2.

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