Thursday, December 4, 2008

Week 14 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: Ok, our first difference. You have Philly, I have NYG. I just wish I could believe that Plaxico is that big a problem for them.

Chris: Probably a poor pick on my part, taking handicapped Philly on the road, IN New Jersey, but stranger things have happened. Upset.

Alex: I know. And it'd be real nice for us. Who knows? Maybe a bunch of Philly fans show up with crutches in Plaxico jerseys.

Chris: Or Harris Smith jerseys.

Alex: Let's move on to Cle-Ten. You picked Cle.

Chris: Again, taking chances.

Alex: You realize that Brady and Derek are out for the year?

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: Their QB is Ken Dorsey. Let me say that again: their QB is Ken Dorsey.

Chris: Did a certain 40-year old QB beat a division-leading team this year? Singlehandedly? I think so.

Alex: Singlehandedly? Might be a stretch. But I wouldn't be suprised if we finally get our Vinny sighting in the upcoming weeks.

Chris: Sure, Brad Johnson had some help, but it's not his fault his defense is great.

Alex: Haha.

Alex: Ok, next. You have faith in Buffalo over Miami?

Chris: I think Buffalo could spring back, they've been consistently inconsistent. Plus I don't know if the wildcat works in Toronto.

Alex: Haha. I hear this week they're only having 3 downs. And moving the goalposts up to the front of the end zone. That's just what I hear, though.

Alex: Final difference this week, you have KC over Denver?

Chris: Again, two inconsistent teams. Who knows which Denver will show up?

Alex: I just think KC is too bad against this Denver O.

Chris: Is it still a rivalry? It was fun in the late '90s.

Alex: I don't think so much anymore. I mean, it's division. So there's something there. I don't think it's as intense though.

Chris: That's too bad.

Alex: Ok, big finale. Both of these come in the same game. We're lucky this week. First, Roethlis-rating?

Chris: Roethlis-chicken breast: no legs.

Alex: Hahaha. Roethlis-sack lunch meat. I think it's pretty obvious where I'm going with that. DeMarcus is hungry.

Chris: Haha. I think our defense will be just fine against their O.

Alex: Oh, yessir. Bobby-effect this week?

Chris: Misses tackles because he's been surfing the net from his iPhone instead of paying attention during meetings.

Alex: What is he searching? "How To: Form Tackle, with Joe Theisman and LT, with special guest, Shawne Merriman"

Chris: That or Googling his name to see what kind of fan blogs are out there.

Other picks this week
Oakland over San Diego
Chicago over Jacksonville
Minnesota over Detroit
Indianapolis over Cincinnati
New Orleans over Atlanta
Green Bay over Houston
New York Jets over San Francisco
New England over Seattle
Arizona over St. Louis
Dallas over Pittsburgh
Baltimore over Washington
Tampa Bay over Carolina

Overall records
Alex: 114-77-1
Chris: 122-69-1

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