Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Week 16 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: The Saints have become just simply too dissapointing for me, and with the Lions on the verge of an NFL record 0-16 overfeated season, knowing the Lions like they do, they'll win this game and screw that up, too.
Chris: I'm taking the Saints to rebound from a disappointing week and release their frustrations on a Detroit team that shows no signs of improvement.

Alex: Tampa Bay is too strong to lose against a weak Chargers team, even though I'm picking the Broncos to lose this week, which, if the chargers won, would allow for a Chargers-Broncos week 17 matchup for the division lead, and the bragging rights of an 8-8 season. Too bad I don't think highly enough of the chargers to pull it off. It's just been one of those seasons.
Chris: Tampa loves to make me look like a fool, but I'll take the Chargers to exhibit slightly more than bare-minimum football this week.

Alex: I would LOVE for the Chargers to prove me wrong, and the Bills to prove me right. The AFC West should come down to one game, and, top to bottom, I believe the Chargers are a better team, but with a bad coach and worse team identity than the Cowboys had 5 weeks ago. It would be an interesting week 17 for sure.
Chris: The Steelers and Colts are the most consistent teams in the AFC. Everyone else plays at varying degrees of meh. I'll give the advantage to Denver only because they're at home.

Alex: The Eagles are peaking, and the 'Skins are slumping. This is a fairly easy pick. But, thenagain, it is the NFC East. Anything can happen. Who knows? Maybe an Eagle on special teams follows in the footsteps of DeSean Jackson and Asante Samuel and drops the ball at the 1 yard line celebrating. It's amazing how neither time it's cost the team. The Ghost of Leon Lett is coming for them.
Chris: My Redskins pick is based more on hope than anything solid. Why in the world would the Eagles lose to the Redskins, a team experiencing their annual second-half crash? Maybe Clinton Portis wears drag this week. Maybe Andy Reid's son kidnaps Donovan. Who knows? Stranger things have happened (stranger than the Eagles losing, not coaches' sons kidnapping NFL QBs).


Alex: With Albert Hayesworth down, I'm almost thinking Roethlis-Babyback ribs, for some reason, I think Tennesee's defense will be exploited. Other than the Colts, has Tenn played anyone of merit this year?
Chris: Roethlis-bagged turkey sandwich Mom made for school lunch but fell on the floor and was kicked a few times. I use those words to describe it because he'll be roughed up and knocked around against Tennessee, but somehow in the end, he'll manage to show up.

Bobby-effect this week

Alex: As Chris will point out, Bobby has an injured calf, I believe. In homage to his injured calf muscle, rumors are circulated that he will bring a young calf onto the field to help stop the Raven's Yamon Figurs on kick returns. This pleases Roy Williams, a tu graduate, but angers Martellus Bennett, an A&M grad. Competition begins as to who can catch the most touchdowns. It remains to see who will win the competition, but the Cowboys will reap the benefits.
Chris: Carpenter is injured (as far as I know), so he won't be a direct factor. Expect him to get in Ray Lewis' face a few times and do the WWF suck-it gesture that was big in junior high. And by in Ray's face, I mean from a life-saving distance of 100 feet. And possibly when Lewis is not looking.

Other picks this week
Indianapolis over Jacksonville
Dallas over Baltimore
Cleveland over Cincinnati
New England over Arizona
Pittsburgh over Tennessee
San Francisco over St. Louis
Miami over Kansas City
New York Jets over Seattle
Houston over Oakland
Minnesota over Atlanta
Carolina over New York Giants
Chicago over Green Bay

Overall records
Alex: 135-88-1
Chris: 140-83-1

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