Thursday, December 25, 2008

Week 17 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: Chicago is a bit too strong I think to lose to a Houston team, even if it is gaining confidence. Its identity is that of a loser, and they go out with a loss just to emphasize the point.
Chris: I pick Houston, mostly on hope instead of confidence. If I were Dallas, I would rather travel to indoor Minneapolis than to outdoor Chicago for a playoff game. Houston is average and generic enough to win this game and make everyone wonder why they didn't achieve more this season.

Alex: I really like the Vikes to win this one because Eli Manning dropped his eco-drive in the pool a couple of weeks ago, and last year the Vikings defense returned.....I believe 3 pick 6's against the jints. Minnesota may not be the stronger team, but I think they know how to beat the Giants.
Chris: I don't know if the Giants will rest their starters, but I believe on talent alone, the Giants are better than the Vikings. I don't even know if the Vikings have a sense of urgency—do they want to make the playoffs? I think the game looks more like this than that. The Giants win this one and take it easy/ get overconfident. Exactly how the Cowboys want them.

Alex: Two words. Brett Favre. For him not to make the playoffs would just give Mike McCarthy a "but Brett Farve didn't either." And we don't need that. He made a dumb decision, and he needs to pay for it.
Chris: I'm going with the hot. The Dolphins have won a tremendous 7 of their last 8 games, while the Jets have won a meager 6 of their last 8 games (and a pedestrian 7 of their last 10 games).

Alex: Denver, mostly because of how I feel about Norv Turner. Hey everyone, remember when the Cowboys were trying to pick between Norv and Wade? Wade was clearly the better choice, and even he might be on the verge of being fired. So, Denver wins the division, even though SD played their way back in. I really think Mike Shanahan is just dicking with them. This Denver offense is pretty strong, and while the defense is reminiscent of a Dave Campo team, I don't think there's a way they lose.
Chris: I pick SD because the Chargers get the advantage of playing at home, which we know means nothing. This division is atrocious. Maybe karma will pay them a visit—I hope Hochuli officiates the game. What a way to end the season!


Alex: I read an interesting article today by Peter King, and one of his short shots was giving Braylon Edwards the "Diamond in a heap of trash" Emmitt Smith memorial quote award for saying he saved the Browns from the bottom of the barrel last season. It is for that reason that I predict Roethlis-Beef Carpaccio. High class, raw, and of the utmost quality.
Chris: Roethlis-chicken soup. Against Cleveland, it doesn't have to be his best performance, and it's not pretending to be, either. Just what you need on a cold day.

Bobby-effect this week

Alex: It what could potentially be the last Barbiewatch of the season, some around the league are saying Bobby might actually get over his calf injury, get on the field, and have an 18 tackle day, to raise his trade status so he can play for the 2010 Super Bowl champion Water-Parcells. It is unsure if those around the league are predicting this based solely on the in-game simulation done by the PSP version of Madden 2007, when the game gave Bobby a rating of 85.
Chris: Wes Phillips, quality control, decides to have some fun and appoints Bobby Secretary of Defense. Bobby is in charge of acquiring, filling, and firing water balloons at unruly Philadelphia fans. He is in charge of protection at the airport, on the bus-ride into the stadium, during the game, and after the game (especially important because Philly fans will riot and be obnoxious regardless of outcome). These aren't your typical water balloons though. Since we'll be in Philadelphia, Bobby will modify Philly's weapon of choice (ziplock of urine hurled at out-of-towners ---> water balloons) and use it against them.

Other picks this week
Atlanta over St. Louis
Baltimore over Jacksonville
New England over Buffalo
Kansas City over Cincinnati
Green Bay over Detroit
Indianapolis over Tennessee
Carolina over New Orleans
Dallas over Philadelphia
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
Tampa Bay over Oakland
Arizona over Seattle
San Francisco over Washington *

*sports side-note: SF is growing mustaches to match their '80s throwback jerseys next week. Don't ever bet against that combo.

Overall records
Alex: 141-98-1
Chris: 148-91-1

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