Monday, December 22, 2008

Week 16 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.


Winner: Chris

Alex: Well, I thought this was the week. They were competitive for the previous couple of weeks, getting closer to a victory..... It now seems destined for them to be 0-16, but being Detroit, they just may blow an NFL record and win next week.
Chris: Shame on the Detroit Lions for playing that kind of football. Shame on you for picking the Lions to do in Week 16 what they haven't done in 14 other weeks. Most of all, shame on Rob Parker for being a classless douche (and trying to rationalize his attempt at a joke).

Winner: Chris

Alex: This was Norv's gift to Jerry Jones for winning him 3 Super Bowls in the '90s, allowing Norv to continue to get head coaching jobs despite his obvious incompetence. Thank God the Kiffins and Loyalty don't mix.
Chris: The only thing trickier than coaching the Chargers is predicting which Chargers team will show up + calculating how much they play above bare minimum football. And thank you, Norv, for giving the Cowboys one more week of playoff potential.

Winner: Alex

Chris: Almost had the Broncos here, but hell, no one knows what they'll put on the field, either. How much longer does Shanahan have in Denver? The AFC West champ will have 9 or 8 wins. Likewise, the NFC West champ will have 9 or 8 wins. Something is wrong with that. With the exception of the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, there are too many traditionally good NFL West teams to be this crappy.
Alex: It's really starting to piss me off that 2 teams may make the playoffs at 8-8, and there may be numerous teams at 10-6 or 9-7 that are pushed out. Even if the Cowboys get in, the system needs to be rethought. Winning a division with St. Louis, Seattle, and San Fran is not a playoff worthy accomplishment.

Winner: Chris

Alex: It just figures. At least we don't have to worry about the Eagles playing for a playoff bid this upcoming week. But they will be playing spoiler to a Cowboys team that really just laid down on Saturday. This is becoming a confusing and disappointing season.
Chris: Why is the NFC East the SEC of the NFL? Rabid fanbases? History and tradition? Maybe, but also because everyone hates each other + any team can beat any other team. Thank God the Cardinals were moved to another division. Moochers.


Alex: Wow, I guess I didn't watch enough highlights, but going back, Roethlis had a very mediocre day, if not poor. It is for this reason I'm going for Roethlis-taco-pizza. It sounds like an interesting gastronomic creation, but in the end, Frankenstein's monster seemed like a good idea too.
Chris: If you were to tell me Roethlisberger would go 26/40 with 331 yards passing, I would agree with your prediction of Roethlis-baby back ribs. Unfortunately those numbers weren't enough, because he also threw 2 picks for 115 yards and a touchdown. To top it off, the Steelers also fumbled 5 times, losing 2 ... this is a case of Roethlis-turkey sandwich. Might be good enough normally, but you're the only kid in class who forgot today was pizza day.

Records this week (NOTE! Easily our worst week ever.)
Alex: 6-10
Chris: 8-8

Overall records

Alex: 141-98-1
Chris: 148-91-1

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