Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bobby Carpenter injury update

Alex: Do you want to comment on our previous breaking news? The origins of this groin injury of mystery?

Chris: I haven't heard anything new, but I will speculate that Zach Thomas shoved Bobby in the shower, causing him to skid across the tiled floor. But that didn't screw up the groin. The groin was screwed up when Bobby knelt behind Zach on all fours, Orlando Scandrick shoved Zach over Bobby, and then Bobby stood up clapping. Then Zach kicked him.

Alex: Hahaha. What was Scandrick's punishment? Or is every rookie allowed to think Bobby is cool once, until they learn?

Chris: Yeah, it's a rookie mistake. Scandrick had to mop the floor but that's about it.

Alex: Ok. I see it a bit differently. We've reported on this blog over the last 4 weeks that Bobby was campaigning for the job of center and/ or backup QB. I'm willing to bet that he went to Wade to show him he could take a snap, and Gurode delibrately snapped it early into Bobby's crotch.

Chris: hahahahaha

Alex: Gurode was the team's hero for a day.

Chris: I think it'd be hilarious if centers practice their accuracy snapping at objects in the room... say, maybe Gurode was 20 feet away and Bobby had no idea... "Hey guys, check this out."

Alex: You know what? I like that better. It's funnier. Bobby plays the role of Sunshine in Remember the Titans. Except no one ends up liking him, and he doesn't make plays.

Found at the scene of the crime... inspirational '80s music? What's on Bobby's iPod?

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