Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 9 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.

Alex: And C-bass jumps out of the gate with the upset of the year. You called the Cincy win.

Chris: I think there is just too much talent on NFL rosters to see a team go entirely winless. Plus Cincy has had close games this year— they were just due sooner or later.

Alex: This is true. I just didn't think it'd come against a Jacksonville team that went 11-5 last year. Then again, they are now 3-5. What the heck happened up there?

Chris: Why have they dropped? Did they lose someone significant?

Alex: The only thing I can think of... They lost Ernest Wilford, that receiver, to Miami, and replaced him with— are you ready— Troy Williamson, and Jerry Porter. Then on top of that, they had the whole Richard Collier shooting. In any case, do you think the poor free agency in WR and the shooting is enough to completely soil a team?

Chris: I didn't think it could, but free agency and a barbershop knifing did Dallas in.

Alex: True.

Alex: Moving on, that Goddamn Joe Flacco did it again. This guy must hate me.

Chris: This kid is something! I thought they were down too much against Cleveland.

Alex: Me too. I'm telling you, he sees I pick him to lose, he wins. Pick him to win, he loses. On purpose. To spite me.

Alex: Gah, C-bass. You almost had another upset with KC. And their version of the Wildcat. I'm glad TB won to keep our win over them looking good-ish.

Chris: I pick them on the same basis as Cincinnati, plus I didn't know what TB had in the tank. Dallas just needs every NFC team to lose except the Lions.

Alex: But, see, KC already has a win, over OAK.

Chris: Yeah, but UNT could beat Oakland.

Alex: Hahaha, probably.

Chris: DISCLAIMER: I don't really think colleges can beat NFL teams, but ... well ... I'm leaving it open. Just in case USC collects a team of Heismans and plays in the NFL.

Alex: I'm willing to bet that either t.u. or OU could beat Oakland at the moment.

Chris: Actually, I'd take that. Question: could UT, OU, or Tech take the Desperados? I think Tech is made for Arena.

Alex: Oh, Tech would demolish them. College football is slowly turning into the Arena League without the Arena. Better question: give the Desperados a full 11-on-11 team, can they beat the Raiders?

Chris: Maybe. I'm not as sharp on my Desperados this year as I was in the past, but I'd give them a fighting chance.

Alex: Haha. Man, I like how both of our differences so far have turned into Raiders discussions.

Alex: Moving on... ARI over STL, and you got me there. The Haslett Magic is gone.

Chris: Ken Whisenhunt, best coach no one has heard of, or just blessed with talent?

Alex: I think a little of both. I have a flowchart question for you. So we determined in Week 6 I think, when Romo broke his pinkie, that Favre magic was ceded to Romo. When Romo didn't play versus STL, did STL steal that then-Romo-Magic? And now that Romo is back, is it Romo's again, or Favre's again?

Chris: Uh-oh. I think the question is IF St Louis still has the Romo-magic, and if they'll return it to the Favre and the Jets this week.

Alex: It'll be something to keep an eye on.

Alex: Another miss for me with TEN and GB, you took the safe choice. I'll say, though, GB almost had 'em.

Chris: They did, Tennessee got lucky, and I think a little exposed.

Alex: Blueprint material?

Chris: Could be. I think everyone is underrating undefeated teams now though, relative to the '07 Patriots.

Alex: I think so too. But I doubt we'll ever see an '07 Pats again. Unless it manifests in Dallas for 4 straight years. Starting next year.

Chris: Question: would you take four straight undefeated regular seasons, but collapses in the Super Bowl? Mix the '07 Pats and the '90s Bills. That's a 72-4 record.

Alex: What's the "or", or is there and "or"?

Chris: None, just would you accept it or say no thanks and take your luck with whatever?

Alex: I'd say no thanks. I'd rather have 3 straight 5-11 teams stacked with 1st round talent.

Chris: Like the Lions?

Alex: I was leaning more towards Dave Campo years. But yes.

Alex: That brings us right into NYG DAL. Cowboys heresy, C-bass. I'm still disappointed in you.

Chris: I just couldn't do it. There was too much. I'm going to sleep on the Washington pick good and well. I don't know how I lean yet.

Alex: Let me throw this at you. Put Romo in. Trade our 3 interceptions for 1. Romo always throws one. And if Romo is in, that TO fumble doesn't happen because the ball is accurate. So that's 1 turnover instead of 4. Opposed to 3 NYG turnovers by our starting defense. Also, if you watch the game tape, every play, Roy or TO was WIDE open. If Romo plays, that game is a blowout in the opposite direction.

Chris: I agree, I think we definitely win against the Giants if Romo were to play

Alex: I guess my big point is, though the score doesn't show it, our D played big last 2 games, (keep in mind the Giants hadn't fumbled all year until last week) and Romo has yet to throw a single pass to Roy, as we acquired him when Romo went down. With Roy now knowing the whole offense, it's a whole new team. Watch out. Just something to chew on for awhile.

Alex: So final difference. IND over NE, and you took NE. I still harbor a little hatred towards them. Especially with Tom Brady II winning. So, I would've taken IND even with Jeff George.

Chris: Was this win more 1) Indy wanting to defeat a team in the Patriot uniform, or 2) the Colts turning a corner? Or 3) the Patriots just being not as good anymore? And Jeff George was the one quarterback my dad would always single out as a crybaby or soft.

Alex: Haha. He was. And I think it's more Colts over Patriots uniforms.

Alex: Big finale... do we still do Roethlis-ratings, or blank-Wich ratings, since Byron won the game this week?

Chris: Haha, I like giving it to the winning Pit QB.

Alex: So, what say you?

Chris: Let's do blank-Wich.

Alex: I think he went a big Byron Club-wich this week. Kinda put in the back of everyone's mind, sandwich wise. Taken for granted. Then you order it and remember why it's so good.

Chris: haha, I say... Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sub Sand-wich. Limited edition sub, and it's damn good.

Other blunders:

Records this week
Alex: 7-7
Chris: 10-4

Overall records

Alex: 76-54
Chris: 82-48

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