Friday, November 21, 2008

Week 12 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: Considering Pitt won last night, do you want to start with his rating for this week?

(note: all picks are made before kickoff & before posts)

Chris: I know no details of the game, just that they won. And we both had Pit.

Alex: Against a lowly Bengals team, where talent seems endangered. Which is why I'm going Roethlis-poacher.

Chris: Hahaha, I'll go.. Roethlis-helicopter-hunter.

Alex: Hahaha. A quick note before we get on to the differences... We both picked Flacco this week. Maybe we break the trend, or you're just falling in line. Who knows. Or maybe it's like dividing by 0.

Chris: I wonder if we've ever both picked Bal?

Alex: Should I run through the weeks?

Chris: Sure.

Alex: Funny. We did once. In week 2. When the game was postponed by Ike. And then, when the game came back on, one of us changed the pick. And I changed my pick to Houston.

Chris: Crazy. Natural disaster heading to the east coast?

Alex: Possible.

Chris: What if Joe Flacco knew you were going to change to Houston, and since then, he's been playing to spite you?

Alex: He must be. And honestly, going through the books, I am 0-10 for Baltimore games this year. How does that happen?

Chris: Wow, that's amazing. I think at the end of the year, we can look at team by team records based on our picks, see who hates us and who loves us.

Alex: It's a good final issue.

Alex: Ok, onto the first difference. You have the Lowly Lions, and I have the Bucs. I will give you this, the Bucs have a tendancy to play to a team's level.

Chris: This is based solely on hope, and help, because this would be great for the Cowboys.

Alex: You know, Detroit hasn't won yet, which is why I'm not picked them. But remember— Brad Johnson beat the Bucs.'s definetly possible.

Chris: True. Hopefully Detroit has some secrets on defense.

Alex: Next, You have Buffalo, I have KC. I'm sorry, but my faith in Trent Edwards is completely gone after Monday night. Thats was a horrible performance.

Chris: Yeah, it was. But this time I think he's taken his practice against a better team in Cleveland and he'll hand off like no other against KC. Maybe mix in a pass

Alex: Haha. I just like scrappy KC. They deserve a game. And if Herm Edwards could coach, they'd be a decent .500 team next year.

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: Next, you have ATL and i have CAR. This one will be close.

Chris: Yeah, and it really could go either way with those running games, but I put more stock in Matt Ryan this week at home.

Alex: You know, that's a good point. But it seems to me Carolina is having a bit of a dream season. Plus, they're the division leaders. A loss for ATL only helps us.

Chris: Very quietly having a dream season, in fact. And true, I guess I want the division leaders to start running away with it. So my heart wants Car, but my head says Atl, in the Michael Vick - Rae Carruth Bowl.

Alex: Hahahahaha. Wonderful.

Alex: Ok, last difference. You take NYG, and I have ARI in an upset. I think Kurt Warner wants revenge.

Chris: I would love that, but again, I just think NYG are on too much of a roll. But this is the exact game where the Giants screw up— see Cleveland and almost Bengals.

Alex: Yeah. And Arizona, while still Arizona, is a good team this year. It's primed and ready to go.

Chris: It would be great to avenge the 199...8? playoff loss to Arizona with a Dallas win over them this year.

Alex: For the finale, Bobby Carpenter is returning from a groin injury this week, after having Chris Martin from Coldplay sing directly into it.

Chris: hahahah

Alex: So, what is his overall effect this week?

Chris: He'll probably make a great tackle in the 3rd quarter in a game no one else will be watching.

Alex: Haha. I'd love to see him knock a guy out cold. And then have the play negated by a penalty.

Chris: Assign Bobby to only hit players of SF who step on our star, even if they were just running by on a kickoff.

Alex: Haha. He's the designated George Teague this week.

Other picks this week
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
Baltimore over Philadelphia
Cleveland over Houston
Chicago over St. Louis
Tennessee over New York Jets
Miami over New England
Minnesota over Jacksonville
Dallas over San Francisco
Denver over Oakland
Washington over Seattle
Indianapolis over San Diego
Green Bay over New Orleans

Overall records
Alex: 96-63-1
Chris: 101-58-1

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