Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week 11 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.

Alex: Check this out. Wait for the sponser.

Chris: Are you serious? Is Ty serious?

Alex: Yes. Isn't that great?

Chris: There is too much wrong with that ad... uniform, logo, everything. A van. Men in vans don't equal safety.

Alex: According to Ty Detmer, former Heisman winner, they do. And if you can't trust a great college football player, who can you trust? I mean, Maurice Clarett is like my best friend. Great financial advisor, I might add.

Chris: I routinely keep $25,000 worth of stuff in my car now (I forget if that was the worth of his stolen goods).

Alex: I don't remember. My one lasting image of him is in that orange jumpsuit. And I also remember thinking to myself when the Bronco's drafted him, "See, now the Broncos are going to have another 1000 yard rusher, he was good in college, just had some problems." Man, did I ever eat my words. I feel that's a good holiday opener.

Alex: Moving into last week, our first difference was the now infamous tie game between Cincy and Philly. Given that neither of us won, or really lost, just give me your thoughts on Donovan.

Chris: I just hope the Bengals' lack of an offense there wont end up hurting the Cowboys in the wildcard race. And Donovan needs to learn the NFL rulebook. At least the page on regular season overtime. Now you'll wonder if he intentionally toned it down because he thought maybe there would be a 2OT

Alex: Here's the thing that confuses me. The last tie game was in 2002. Pittsburgh and Atlanta. Donovan was in his prime then. It's not like he wasn't in the league. So, given that that was big news then, I don't understand how he misses it.

Alex: Second difference, You had KC and I had NO. NO is flaky this year, I'm just going off hunches with them.

Chris: Yeah. Sooner or later, KC might just learn how to finish.

Alex: Well, maybe they should talk to Cleveland, 'cause it seems they finally figured it out.

Chris: If you kick enough field goals, one may eventually win the game for you.

Alex: Haha. Bingo.

Alex: Next difference. FUCK Joe Flacco. Bal for me, NYG for you. Gah. I'm officially picking Bal to win the Dallas-Bal game. Just to ensure Dallas wins.

Chris: Good. He doesn't like you. He's going to go against every pick you make of his games.

Alex: I feel like we need a Joe Flacco rule. Whatever I put on paper is the opposite of what I think will actually happen.

Chris: Haha. Sadly that won't get you the win on paper, but it will in your heart.

Alex: That's all that counts. Didn't you see Rudy?

Chris: Sho 'nuff

Alex: Ok, 3rd and final difference in week 11. Chi-Gb. I had GB. Ouch, C-bass.

Chris: Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe GB would collapse. Implode. Because the only way Chicago can win is to benefit from someone else messing up.

Alex: Yeah, I mean don't get me wrong. I have very little faith in GB. But with Orton injured still a little, and Rex just completely incompetent. I have no faith in Chi-town at the moment.

Chris: We need division leaders to start running away with games.

Alex: Roethlis-rating?

Chris: Not world-beating but good enough. Basically the trend of this year.

Alex: Pretty much. Roethlis-tenderized.

Other holiday slip-ups:

Records this week
Alex: 11-4-1
Chris: 9-6-1

Overall records

Alex: 96-63-1
Chris: 101-58-1

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