Friday, November 7, 2008

Week 10 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: First difference, you pick DET, and I picked....ah....JAC. I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable about this one given last week. I'm hoping Del Rio busts out the suit and saves the season.

Chris: Maybe Detroit smelled a possible win and it smelled so good they might want to complete the mission this week. Maybe 3 point win tops. If he's in the suit, they win. But I'm betting polo

Alex: We shall see.

Alex: Ooh, here's a nice one. Our brb game from week 1. Baltimore at Houston.

Chris: OOOH. Forgot about it. Flacco's hot and shame on you for not picking him.

Alex: Houston is equally as hot.

Chris: Houston isn't far from College Station. Ray Ray has a car.

Alex: The Schaub Johnson connection is big. Don't intimidate me, Cbass.

Chris: Is Schaub not injured?

Alex: I don't know. I just know sometimes he's there, sometimes he isn't.

Chris: Hahaha.

Alex: But the Rosenfels-Johnson connection is big, too. Basically, the Johnson connection. That's my argument.

Chris: I'm banking on the Rosenfels-turf connection being stronger this week.

Alex: Haha.

Alex: Ok, C-Bass. I question this one. IND over PIT for you? After the Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sub-Wich dismantled Washington?

Chris: At least it's in Indianapolis... oh wait. I'd say the Colts take advantage of a bruised Pittsburgh team. But they're not that bruised. This is one of those question mark 'how'd they do that' games. Peyton is back. He has reclaimed the Manning luck

Alex: Man, I hope so. Eli needs to go.

Alex: Next, KC and SD. This is my area for a KC win. They gotta get another, they're playing well, and it's divisional. I smell upset.

Chris: I say SD has had enough sucking for one week. They'll show up on Sunday and make everyone wonder why they sucked so bad earlier, and then they'll return to the tank next week.

Alex: Both scenarios make sense. This is a tough one.

Alex: Ok, big NFC East game, standing wise for our Cowboys. And you're picking PHI over NYG, when PHI loss would be more beneficial to us currently.

Chris: I wasn't sure who I wanted to win more, but I'd rather bring the leader down instead of separating Dallas from Philly.

Alex: At this point, I want to secure wild card. And this is the way to do it. We need a little help. And I'm not afraid to beg the king for it.

Chris: There are going to be enough losses to go around to help us with wild card standing. I'm just scared of Philly turning it on now.

Alex: Good point. Damn. Our division is too competitive.

Alex: Ok, finale predictions. Let's do both Roethlis- and -Wich, as status is uncertain.

Chris: Roethlis- meatball sub, generic and nothing fancy anymore.

Alex: I'm going... Roethlis-Liver. If he plays, just disgusting.

Alex: And... Byron 5 dollar footlong-wich. Cheap, effective, and filling.

Chris: Byron Spicy meatball sub-wich, not as generic, more exotic, but in the end you just get acid-reflux.

Alex: Ok, now. Given our recent fling for Oakland, and the Cowboys' bye week, this week we're doing an Ultra-Special Bye-Week Bust Watch. This week's topic: JaMarcus Russell. Predictions for the watch?

Chris: 15 incomplete passes, 1 pick, and 1 fumble.

Alex: Haha, I'll say, 8 for 20, 42 yards, and 2 picks.

Chris: Ooh, in that case, specifically 10 of 25, 98 yards.

While JaMarcus toes flirts with failure,
here are the rest of our picks this week:

Cleveland over Denver
Atlanta over New Orleans
Tennessee over Chicago
Miami over Seattle
Green Bay over Minnesota
New England over Buffalo
New York Jets over St. Louis
Carolina over Oakland
Arizona over San Francisco

Season records to this week
Alex: 76-54
Chris: 82-48

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