Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 11 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: Ok, so, this might be a hope/prayer, but I also think Chad Johnson is due for his... I'm picking Cincy over Philly. They've had close games vs. the NFC East and I think they're at Cincy.

Chris: I think that's too dangerous, I think Philly is pissed and doesn't want to lose ground to some AFC CENTRAL opponent this year. I'm talking late '90s vintage Bengals. These aren't playoff Bengals anymore

Alex: Haha. When were they?

Chris: '80s and a spurt with Palmer.

Alex: And then in comes Kitna.

Alex: Ok, next, you have KC, who is due, I agree, but I think the Saints firepower is just way too high.

Chris: I think somehow KC escapes despite a 400 yard passing performance from Brees. Again.

Alex: Does Drew Brees break Marino's record for most yards in a season? I think he will.

Chris: Sure, why not. Small victories.

Alex: Haha. I also think, in spite of this, 8-8 for the Saints.

Chris: The Cowboys need every team to suck, so this is a great chance to get space.

Alex: Ok, finally. I picked Joe Flacco to win. Over, of all people, NYG.

Chris: And you know what that means. Shame on you! Shame. On. You.

Alex: I'm just saying. Maybe he can break the streak.

Chris: Maybe. Part of me picked NYG because I think they're better and scarier, but the other part wants them as cocky as possible for the playoffs. Not confident, but cocky.

Alex: And I picked Baltimore, because, I'll tell ya, Ray Ray is playing lights out this year. Ended RaShard Mendenhall's season. Had 2 picks last week. I'm just expecting them to play up to the Giants level.

Chris: Did he show up at your dorm door in CS?

Alex: No. Of course not. And even if said linebacker did, I would not be able to disclose that information.

Chris: Hahah.

Alex: Moving on... and no longer talking about Ray... who is a great, great linebacker, and person, who would never murder anyone...

Alex: You have Chicago, and I have GB. I'm sorry, Orton is still hurt, and Rexy... not that sexy.

Chris: I have on good word that Brian Urlacher used to be a nerd and suffered from self-esteem issues, but a change in his daily routine has given him a confidence boost, and I expect that boost to overcome any deficiencies from quarterbacking.

Alex: Hahaha. Did you sign a deal with Old Spice Swagger?

Chris: Yes, and I've been feeling great after making the switch.

Alex: Have you gained 200 pounds of muscle yet?

Chris: No, I just started. Check back in the playoffs.

Alex: Ok. Wow... So that was our last difference of the week. Pretty straightforward this week, I guess.

Chris: I think so.

Alex: Roethlis-predictions?

Chris: Roethlis-Super Nintendo, basically the greatest thing ever, especially against some yo-yo, unpredictable team.

Alex: Wow. Going beyond food products.

Chris: Whoops, forgot that.

Alex: It's ok. There are people out there that eat electronics. There's that guy in the Guiness Book of Records.

Chris: Roethlis-Super Nintendo Birthday Cake.

Alex: Hahaha. I think I agree with you, so this week I'm going Roethlis-steak tar tare. Sophisticated, and generally agree to be great, at least by the few able to experience it.

Other picks this week
New England over New York Jets
Atlanta over Denver
Carolina over Detroit
Minnesota over Tampa Bay
Miami over Oakland
Indianapolis over Houston
San Francisco over St. Louis
Arizona over Seattle
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Pittsburgh over San Diego
Dallas over Washington
Cleveland over Buffalo

Overall records
Alex: 85-59
Chris: 92-52

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