Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 10 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.

Alex: You picked Detroit over Jacksonville... Ugh... guess you believed in Daunte?

Chris: Seeing teams have access to backup quarterbacks made me jealous, and I suppose I put too much stock in it. I mean, I was kind of sort of close. And by that I mean not at all.

Alex: The score was 38-10...

Chris: No more Detroit picks unless they play themselves.

Alex: Haha. That might even be a tie.

Alex: Next. Joe Flacco did it again, and I keep going the opposite direction.

Chris: Shame on you, Alex. Shame. On. You. When will you learn?

Alex: Apparently never.

Chris: Pick Flacco enough and the trend will be reversed.

Alex: Maybe I need to start doing that. We can't lose the last game in Texas Stadium toa rookie qb.

Alex: So, you also got me in the last second with IND over PIT. Who is Indy this year?

Chris: They'll be the Kansas City Chiefs of the '90s, good enough in the regular season, but the window will be closed in the playoffs. Except Kansas City's window was never Super Bowl open.

Alex: Yeah. I remember KC was always 9-7 just missed the playoffs. Like 3 straight years under Trent Green I think.

Chris: Or 12-4 and collapsed after a first-round bye.

Alex: Hey... now... I think I remember a Cowboys team did that last year.

Chris: We were at least one game better.

Alex: True. I guess that makes all the difference.

Chris: And since we were the late game, we made the final 5.

Alex: Haha.

Alex: Ok, next, SD and KC, you got SD.

Chris: Again, living by the edge of my seat here.

Alex: I'm gonna go on record, and say KC next year is gonna be the surprise turnaround of the year.

Chris: I don't doubt it. And I think they'll be due for it coming up.

Alex: This Thigpen kid looks like the real deal. Which really suprised me, considering how AWFUL he looked vs. Atlanta in his first start. Since then, he's apparently been like Romo without the W's.

Chris: So just like Romo.

Alex: No.

Chris: I'm just saying..

Alex: Romo is without the W's in the playoffs. Romo can win. Do you think Thigpen could've won that 28-27 game v. Detroit last year? Not a chance.

Chris: No, but I don't know how much of a secret weapon Furrey would be against KC. Was he a factor last year?

Alex: No, it was Sean McDonald that was our big problem. And the running game. Remember? TJ Duckett and Kevin Jones killed us. God how many times does a person say that...

Chris: Apparently no one this year.

Alex: Haha. Duckett now plays for Seattle and Jones for the Bears. So, no.

Alex: Final difference, I took NYG over your Philly. I can't give you anything for this one.

Chris: I overvalued the home crowd and undervalued Eli Manning.

Alex: Anything goes in the East.

Chris: I just wish they would lose some of these close games.

Alex: We need to mail Romo a Citizen Eco-drive. Or just steal Eli's.

Chris: But I'm glad Philly is knocked down to our level. I'd rather make the race slimmer with fewer teams. Let the Giants get confident.

Alex: I agree. I'm glad we're back in position to get into 2nd in the East by beating Washington.

Alex: Final Roethlis-rating this week?

Chris: What was the diet supplement Anna Nicole Smith repped?

Alex: HAHA. Trimspa?

Chris: Roethlis-trimspa. Close but not enough on its own.

Alex: Haha. Roethlis-shouldercut for me. It's the most tender part of his body at the moment. And it's causing his team to lose. I think they should've played the Subway Leftwich.

Other dandies:

Records this week
Alex: 9-5
Chris: 10-4

Overall records

Alex: 85-59
Chris: 92-52

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