Friday, October 3, 2008

On decimal quarterbacks...

: Question, now that Aaron Rodgers is hurt, and people are realizing that, while Favre was old, he wouldn't get injured, do you think people are pissed in GB?

Chris: Yes— now they have 0.0 quarterbacks.

Alex: Ok, question two— how can you have a 0.something of a quarterback? I mean, did Chad Hutch count as like 0.4 of a quarterback?

Chris: Yeah, roughly. Quincy was about 0.8.

Alex: Haha. And Romo?

Chris: 2— actually, 1.5. He and Favre fight over the bonus 0.5 weekly. Sometimes Favre gets more than his fair share— see Romo's Washington game vs Favre's 6-td performance.

On the Cowboys' playoff preferences...

Alex: I was thinking about it today... the playoffs work based on division winners plus 2 wild cards, right?

Chris: Right.

Alex: So, suppose the NFC East has both wild cards. Which means we all win 10 games. Then you have, let's say, the Saints, and the Pack. Is it possible that the division winner in the NFC West wins less than 8 games?

Chris: Oh, quite.

Alex: If that's the case... I would prefer to be the better of 2 wild cards. Because we'd get the worst division winner. Potentially a 7-9 team.

Chris: Right.

Alex: Which means a playoff win, and CONFIDENCE.

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