Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 8 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.

Alex: For starters, Baltimore did it to me again. They just love to go the opposite way of me. Then again, Oakland was never a safe choice.

Chris: I don't think Oakland has proved enough in an overtime win over the Jets to warrant trust this year at all. Let me know when Snake Stabler comes back. Or Rich Gannon.

Alex: And Chris, you realize you committed Cowboy heresy this past week?

Chris: Yes, but with the best of intentions. I didn't have faith in what the Cowboys could put on the field after the STL disaster— a game I thought they should have won. Maybe not blowout, but a two point win. And then you take a Tampa team with a defense + our impotent offense... it had all the makings for a disappointing loss. Unfortunately for Tampa, they have no offense.

Alex: You know, I actually can agree with you on that, with the exception of the Tampa offense. Up until last week, they had averaged 23 pts per game. They had an O. Our D just really stepped up big.

Chris: Fair enough. I hope our D has their biggest game yet next week.

Alex: That would be perfect, but... two perfect storms for a wholly inconsistant D? Unlikely.

Chris: Brad Johnson has done little to make me think the offense will be anything other than a 2 yard pass to Marion or a missed throw in Witten's direction.

Alex: Well, actually, Witten out may be a good thing. Hear me out. The leading receiver on the team since Romo went down ... Martellus Bennett.

Chris: Ouch.

Alex: They practice on the second team together.

Chris: Ahh, I see where you're going with this.

Alex: They have the best rhythm out of any other receiver on the field. It's a stretch, but, it may be a good thing.

Chris: Maybe so.

Alex: So Matt Ryan disappointed you this week, huh? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Matt, but Philly is still too strong a team, and they had Westbrook. I can't pick against them with Westbrook.

Chris: I didn't think Philly would show up this week, but good for them. They're still dangerously alive in the NFC East race, plus they know how to turn it on later in the season. Until the NFC Championship Game.

Alex: Haha.

Alex: You got me with the NYG PIT game. I was really hoping for a PIT win. I don't know how I thought they could win with that horrible porous o-line. But, hey, it was a close game, right?

Chris: Yeah, close. The Giants confuse me— sometimes they look great, sometimes they look like crap, and more often than not they win. And so they look like they'll be vulnerable in each of their next games, but they somehow pull it out.

Alex: Well, honestly, looking back on it, they won because Pittsburgh made it painfully obviously how important a deep snapper is. To be frank, NYG got lucky. Maybe they are hitting a road block, huh?

Chris: Maybe. I think good teams make their own luck, and the Giants put themselves in a decent enough position to win. Plus PIT's O is kind of nasty.

Alex: Yeah

Alex: C-Bass, I don't care if I lose this game every week for the rest of the season, but I'm picking SF. I just love Mike Singletary. I don't care that they got blown out by your pick Seattle this week.

Chris: The reason I picked against him was i didn't think he was ready to be a coach. I think he's ready, but now it's just dealing with that team of his. I have zero opinion on the Seahawks. They've sunk back into obscurity.

Alex: It wasn't a very far fall, either. Question: Wade Phillips or Mike Singletary as your coach of the Dallas Cowboys, if you had to choose right now.

Chris: Strictly on pep I'll take Singletary. I still value Phillips' knowledge. But note— I don't think you have to be a yeller or screamer to win. When you have a quiet coach, you want a screamer. When you have Parcells, you want a players coach.

Alex: This is true. But don't you think Singletary rides that line? I mean, look at the Vernon situation. He kicked him out during the game. Talked to him, explained the situation, and him and Vernon are friends.

Chris: Yeah, friends. I bet.

Alex: At the very least, there's communication and mutual respect.

Chris: I'll still be pro-Singletary, but I want to see how the situation goes.

Alex: Better than the Parcells cold shoulder.

Chris: It can either work great or explode. Time will be his friend or enemy. If he doesn't get his players and enough time for his system to work, it'll look like a disaster.

Alex: Final game, IND TEN.

Chris: I didn't respect Tennessee enough. I thought they had a weak schedule.

Alex: You know, I really just picked them 'cause they're hot.

Chris: They looked something fierce. I still wish they were called the Oilers, though.

Alex: Aren't they going to wear those uniforms next year?

Chris: I think once. I really wish it were permanent. Either them or the Texans.

Alex: And I think the win for TEN was really more of a loss for IND. Manning just hasn't played well.

Chris: Is Manning done?

Alex: Is it some unspoken rule that only one Manning can be good at a time?

Chris: Maybe they're linked as Romo and Favre are.

Alex: It's possible. They share the same bloodline.

Chris: And maybe Colton has a great week at Home Depot when both brothers stink.

Alex: Roethlis-summary? I think you were dead on with Roethlis-lunchables this week. Not much to say here.

Chris: It's going to be a rough season for a 2-loss team. He may well be Roethlis-vienna sausages before we're done with the year.

Alex: Marinated in beer, or just thrown on the grill?

Chris: Fresh from the can, onto the dinner plate. No frills.

Mutual slips:

Records this week
Alex: 9-5
Chris: 9-5

Overall records

Alex: 69-47
Chris: 72-44

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