Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 9 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: First difference of the week, Cincy at Jacksonville. Cincy, C-bass? Really?

Chris: I think Cincinnati is FINALLY due. FINALLY. They are an NFL team, they need this, and sooner or later they'll get it.

Alex: Yes, but you're forgetting one thing: they're an NFL team with a highschool quarterback. If they played the Lions, then I'd give them a W. Besides, even though the Jags are underachieving, they were a paper-contender at the beginning of the season. They're just too strong to fall to Cincy.

Alex: Baltimore at Cleveland. I'm thinking I might regret going no to Flacco again.

Chris: It's Cleveland's turn to be a yo-yo team this week.

Alex: I'm just hoping with Stallworth back they have identity now. Like I said earlier, I'm glad we played them week 1.

Chris: Yes. I think this is another close game, and big for the 1000 fans who still hate the Ravens.

Alex: Haha.

Alex: KC over Tampa C-Bass? You're really trying to make that win last week look bad, huh?

Chris: KC is another NFL team I just have a hard time saying is pure dirt. I think a strong showing at home against a confused Tampa team might be enough for a very narrow win. Or maybe I'm just picking KC because Tampa lost to a 40-year old quarterback last week. Defense aside.

Alex: I never thought I'd say this, but, but, BIG GIANT BUT, Tyler Thigpen outplayed Brett Favre last week.

Chris: Wow.

Alex: I bet I never say that again.

Chris: His family will enjoy it as long as they can.

Alex: Yeah, no kidding. In any case, I see that as a flash-in-the-pan type deal, and Tampa is a good team. A safe pick? Maybe, but I'm behind.

Chris: This is a wild week for picks.

Alex: Yes sir.

Chris: Seven differences.

Alex: Wow.

Alex: Next up, Arizona for you, STL for me. I'm sorry, but even though they lost to NE last week, STL is hot.

Chris: Too much offense and too much talent on one side of the ball.

Alex: That's what we said 2 weeks ago. Even with Brad Johnson.

Chris: Unfortunately for STL, Arizona is neither AFC nor NFC East.

Alex: And they only lost to NE by 6 points. I'm just saying. It'll be an interesting game.

Chris: So you think they've turned the corner?

Alex: At least 75% of that corner. Maybe more if Chris Long continues to improve.

Alex: Next up, TEN for you, GB for me. I think this is the week they lose.

Chris: I'm taking Tennessee at home against an underachieving road team— I've learned this week. Packers fans will remember how much they miss Brett Favre this week.

Alex: Maybe, but I don't know how good the depth is in the TEN secondary. This game I think all depends on Albert "My stomp is the reason Gurode can't snap" Haynesworth, and how well he disrupts the backfield.

Chris: haha

Alex: If the Pack holds him, game over, GB wins.

Chris: Close or big?

Alex: BIG if Haynesworth is stopped. If he isn't, it's a close win for Tenn.

Chris: No faith in Tenn's run game?

Alex: I just think they'll get behind too quick. I mean, GB doesn't have a great run D, but if they get down 14-0 real fast, they'll have to let the run go a little.

Alex: Ok Chris, two straight weeks of Cowboy heresy... if they win this week, I might mandate you pick against them every week.

Chris: I say it's realism. I don't think we've seen enough from Brad Johnson and the Cowboys offense to justify a pick for a win against the Giants, on the road, in front of 60,000+ screaming, drunk, single, mustache-clad men. Every offensive play is a desperation toss to Marion! The defense may keep us close but the offense will determine how much of a game this really is.

Alex: I hear you, man. Garrett needs to run the West Coast this week. Short slants, the whole game. It's the farthest throw he can complete.

Chris: He can throw the ball deep, but it sails past the receiver and ends up 10 yards deep past the end zone. Placement is everything. I don't know if he can float it down perfectly anymore.

Alex: Not a chance. Plus, if I remember correctly the last successful long bomb he threw was in 1998, when he was the starting QB for one game in Randy Moss' rookie year.

Chris: Ouch.

Alex: I'm just saying. I could throw Randy the Rookie a touchdown.

Chris: So your justification for picking Dallas? Hope?

Alex: Hope mixed with intense defense and maybe a little bit more Roy Williams 11.

Chris: I see this game like game 16 before you enter the playoffs. Dallas is still in this, but the goal of the Giants game will be: don't get hurt, don't get murdered. Just... hold on until Romo comes back in 2 weeks.

Alex: Thank God for that bye.

Alex: Ok, final difference, and the rivalry of the decade showing up again, you take Matt Cassel, I take Manning.

Chris: I wish the Colts showed more last week, but I think they'll go down to a very quiet Patriots team. A Patriots team that is slowly building toward a run when the league thinks they're dead. They aren't the '07 Pats but they're good enough.

Alex: Just so long as they aren't the '01 Pats again. Like I said week 2, if Matt Cassel turns out to be Tom Brady II, then we KNOW Belichick still cheats.

Chris: Do you think Manning is back? Does he shake off all this rust?

Alex: He should. I think the whole Colts team comes up for the NE game.

Alex: Ok, finale time, and since we both picked Pitt, let's go Roethlis-ratings.

Chris: I'll say Roethlis-Deluxe Lunchables. Better than last week, and it comes with two crackers, two meats, and two cheeses. He'll look like a genius but it'll mostly be to the defense's credit.

Alex: Interesting. I think I might go Roethlis-Baby back ribs. Cheap, delicious, and comes with a catchy theme song. So, statistically, a better-than-average day.

Alex: And lastly, the Bobby-effect this week?

Chris: Eh. One good special teams hit, then non-existent. He'll bring the iPod this week and the coaching staff might just put a green dot on his helmet so they can put wireless speakers for said iPod.

Alex: I say, 3 attempts to show up Sam "Bam" Paulescu, 1 arm tackle, and 3 listens to "Africa" by ToTo.

Chris: Nice. He and every other college student.

Alex: It's not his fault he wishes he were still in the prime of his career.

And the rest of our picks this week:

Buffalo over New York Jets
Chicago over Detroit
Minnesota over Houston
Denver over Miami
Atlanta over Oakland
Philadelphia over Seattle
Pittsburgh over Washington

Season records to this week
Alex: 69-47
Chris: 72-44

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