Friday, October 3, 2008

Barbie Watch, Week 5.

Every week, Chris and Alex chronicle every moment the great Bobby Carpenter is seen during the pre-game, game, or post-game, and offer insight on his overall effect.

This week, we begin at roughly 3:00pm CT.

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Just think of the potential.....

a 4-3 defense, with an all-Carpenter linebacking crew....

2:50 pm, Houston- Did Bobby make a last second trip down to Houston, and switch jerseys with Sage Rosenfels? What a collapse by Houston.

3:15 pm, Dallas - Bobby made a half-tackle on that kickoff there. Hit the guy, but just couldn't muscle down a receiver half his size. Maybe he's on the upswing.

3:21 pm, Dallas - Another half-tackle by Bobby on the kickoff. Credit was given to Burnett, but no doubt Bobby will tell people it was his.

3:25 pm, Dallas - Bobby popped in again, coming in to "block" for a pacman return. It looked like he was just happy to be on the field, and got out of Cincinatti's way.

3:38 pm, Dallas - Bobby is having a day out there on kickoffs. That time he watched fellow scrub linebacker make a tackle, turned to a teammate and said, "Yeah, I coulda done that."

4:01 pm, Dallas - We didn't actually see Bobby, but we're pretty sure he was on the field.

4:14 pm, Dallas - Bobby was in on the FG block formation. His job is to shove into the backside of a defensive lineman to get penetration. I think that about sums it up.

4:42 pm, Dallas - Again Bobby was in on the FG Block formation. This time he just stood there. I guess the Cowboys are slowly finding out his strength in the game.

5:12 pm, Dallas - Another Bobby in on FG formation. This time for an extra point. He's had limited sightings recently in the game with the Bengals offense waking up. So here's my question, is he not seeing the field because the Bengals are playing well, or are the Bengals playing well 'cause Bobby isn't seeing action?

5:38 pm, Dallas - Another FG sighting for Bobby. The higher concern is the scored. Now 17-16. Bobby is lobbying to get in the game.

5:48 pm, Dallas - Following a TO touchdown, Bobby was so starstruck he forgot to try on the kickoff team. We have a game, folks.

6:15 pm, Dallas *REPLAY* - I noticed that I missed one. Bobby really cleaned out the kicker on that onside kick attempt that the bengals recovered. I guess he figured he'd be the easiest one to take down.

6:21 pm, Dallas - And that's the game folks. Thanks for tuning in.

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