Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 6 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.

Alex: Ok, off we go, week 6 recap. And the first on the list, Chi-town and ATL. You picked Chi. Tough one, C-Bass.

Chris: And I was 11 seconds away from looking like a genius. The Bears need to learn how to close games.

Alex: Haha. Or how to count to 6.

Chris: And you were right on with faith in Matt Ryan for the game.

Alex: Dude, the kid is good.

Chris: Agreed.

Alex: Next, we both missed on Miami. Ouch-city. Wanna just move on from this one?

Chris: Seconds away again. Sure.

Alex: Yeah, and you killed me with Indy over Baltimore.

Chris: I think the Colts have finally warmed up for the season.

Alex: Maybe. Flacco isn't owning up for me.

Chris: I think they're as good as any team in the AFC now. I'm looking forward to the Indy -Tenn games.

Alex: That will be interesting. Speaking of Tenn, how long until Vince is playing again? Or does he at all this season?

Chris: —As soon as Kerry sucks. I think it's Collins' job to lose.

Alex: So, someone just need to airmail Kerry some Jack and Coke.

Chris: Ouch.

Alex: Too soon? When you think about it, though... both QBs have the same addiction— Kerry:Booze::Vince:Boo's.

Chris: [laughs] Great.

Alex : Second miss for you, C-bass; how on earth could you A. Pick the Bengals B. not pick the Bretts? Lucky for you it was the same game.

Chris: The way I see it, it's hard for an NFL team to lose 16 games in one season. There's just too much talent on rosters for something like that to happen now. I figured the Bengals were going to pull one out and maybe salvage shreds of a season, but forget about it. Plus I didn't know the Jets were going to come out in their undefeated Titans throwbacks.

Alex: Titans are 7-0 this year.

Alex: The final difference we had this week, NE and SD, and you went with Cassel?

Chris: Again, I put too much faith in NE and not enough in Norv Turner and the Chargers.

Alex: You know, I would hassle you more about your picks this past week if I didn't make so many questionable calls this week.

Chris: I think the king is almost officially dead. Unless they get some spark, the Pats' best days have passed them.

Other misses


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Season records after this week
Alex: 54-34
Chris: 54-34

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