Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 8 in the NFL

Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Chris: Let me go ahead and not vote Dallas.

Alex: I'm giving them one more chance this week. I think Brad might be a little different this week. They're changing the offense. And precedent in the preseason says if he stinks the first time he plays, he's good the second.

Chris: We'll see.

Alex: And New Roy will be full speed this week. I mean, last week was like the takeover of Scar. This week is either the Hakuna Matata song or the return of Simba. If we follow the movie chronologically. We have to be careful, too, 'cause after the Hakuna Matata song is the "Can you feel the love tonight" song.

Chris: Oh no.

Alex: So watch for a Romo-Jessica wedding this week.

Chris: So soon. Elope? Mexico?

Alex: Who knows.

Alex: Second difference, I'm picking Oakland over Baltimore. I figure Joe Flacco can't pull it on me twice in 2 weeks.

Chris: Did Oakland discover something last week? PS, is Kiffin still coaching? I've lost touch with them.

Alex: No, it's Tom Cable. Unfortunatly, he looks nothing like Jim Carrey. But, I think JaMarcus might be finding a rhythm. He did complete over 15 passes this past week. Granted, it took him 5 quarters...

Chris: And how many picks?

Alex: 0, and 1 TD.

Chris: Wow, that's a good ratio. Robust by JaMarcus standards.

Alex: Next, Matt Ryan versus the City of Philadelphia, hot over the Phillies' entrance into the World Series. You really think he can pull it off? That's a mean place to play.

Chris: Yeah, but Philly will be distracted by a potential chance for a title. I say potential because karma should rob them of the title. I say should because karma should be fair.

Alex: I somehow see the title chance making them meaner. Just to get it all in before they win, and can't be mean anymore.

Chris: Interesting. I think Donovan will lead a comeback in the fourth quarter, but by that point, Atlanta will be too far ahead and he'll be booed off the field.

Alex: So the next on is NYG and PIT. I choose PIT solely on hope and prayer. Maybe the Roethlis-gods will hear them.

Chris: I take the Giants because I can't predict what the Giants will do, and Eli is shaky, but somehow they win, and I think they still put pressure on Roethlisberger. I would love a PIT win.

Alex: Next game, this one's tough: two perrenial losers, SEA and SF, but SEA is down a starting QB, and you still take them?

Chris: I have no reason for taking them here. I just think somehow something crazy happens. Or Singletary is entirely unprepared for his first week in the NFL.

Alex: See, I like the Singletary factor. God, Singletary on Defense, and Martz on Offense? Sounds unstoppable on paper.

Chris: Just like the Cowboys.

Alex: Oooh... too soon.

Chris: My question is if Singletary will wear a suit.

Alex: God I hope so. Have we seen a suit this year?

Chris: Right now it's just Del Rio. And the fact he's the only coach in the league looking sharp will cost him the Cleveland game.

Alex: Final game, the Titans are still undefeated C-bass, both in NY and Tennessee. And you pick IND?

Chris: I heard something about the Titans opponents' combined record of 11-28 (ballpark?). The Colts are not the Super Bowl Colts, but i think they pull a fast one over on Tennessee.

Alex: Well, you have to remember that 20 of the 28 losses belong to KC last week. So, I don't know how valid that argument is.

Chris: True. First 20 game loser in a single season in NFL history.

Alex: And we're only halfway through.

Chris: So at least they're making history...

Alex: God only knows how far they'll sink.

Chris: Such a shame. I used to respect KC— never the best, but always interesting.

Alex: To close things out, Roethlis-rating this week?

Chris: Roethlis-lunchables; pretty good, but you can't live off it, no matter how much you'd like.

Alex: I think I'm going to go Roethlis-ballpark franks; have enough of them, and you're satisfied.

Alex: And Bobby's effect on this week's game?

Chris: Bobby ... hmm ... I think this week he gets more playing time and misses a key tackle— and then sits on the bench again.

Alex: I think we might see him play some safety this week with Roy Williams-38 on IR and having potentially played his last down with the Cowboys. Roy's a former linebacker, so it might be a fit.

And the rest of our picks this week:

Arizona over Carolina
Washington over Detroit
Buffalo over Miami
New England over St. Louis
New Orleans over San Diego
New York Jets over Kansas City
Cleveland over Jacksonville
Houston over Cincinnati

Season records to this week
Alex: 60-42
Chris: 63-39

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