Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 6 in the NFL

Every Friday, Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: Picks this week...

: You picked Chi-town, I picked ATL.

Chris: I think Chicago is just further along as a team, and they have some confidence on their side.

Alex: I think this game depends on Devin Hester. If he scores, then the Bears win. But, he has not been consistant this year. I haven't seen many Hester-lights. And, you know, I just like the Falcons. This Matt Ryan kid caught my eye. And lookout for John Abraham. He's having a year.

Chris: I think defense might make things hard for Matt Ryan, so I'll just bank on that and cross the fingers.

Alex: Picking Indy this week, huh? Learned your lesson (though apparently I haven't)?

Chris: [laughs] yeah I think Indianapolis just needed a few more pre-season games before getting started this year.

Alex: Boy, you know, I'm starting to rethink picking both rookie QBs.... Oh well, I'm playing on the wild side.

Chris: Eh, it's a long season.

Alex: Cincy over NYJ for you, C-Bass? Or, rather, NYB?

Chris: Ah, the NY Bretts. I think there is just too much NFL talent on the Bengals. I think Cincinnati is just plain due. Even on the road. Even against the Bretts.

Alex: Well, we'll have to look at that, because if Brett has a bad day, that means Romo will turn into Jesus this week. I hope you're right.

Alex: Next, you pick TB, I pick CAR. I figure this one can go either way. I really just closed my eyes and pointed.

Chris: I flipped a Keyshawn Johnson. It landed on "106 catches, 1200 yards and 1 TD."

Alex: And that leads you to TB? Explain. I'm not quite getting it.

Chris: Well, I had a Keyshawn Johnson, and on one side was his Tampa years, and on the other was the Carolina year. So it could either land on "106 catches, 1200 yards and 1 TD," summing up a statistical wonder of a season in 2001 with TB, or "waste of time," the one year he had with Carolina.

Alex: Did he really only have 1 TD that season? What a wierd stat-line.

Chris: I think you really have to try to do that.

Alex: Our final difference, and the potential fight of the week, NE for you, SD for me.

Chris: You can hate NE all you want, but they're still decent, and in my book, consistency makes the difference here. NE is just too consistent compared to SD right now. Besides, you give NE a week to study and they win. Except that one Super Bowl.

Alex: You mean "study" right?

Chris: Right, my quote button was jammed.

Alex: Well, for me this is another one that can go either way. I mean, they're the Belicheats for a reason. And I have to be careful 'cause no one respects them. On the other side, LT and Philip Rivers are PISSED. They play well angry. SO....I'm going for the more experienced QB here.

Chris: Ouch.

Alex: Cassel, I don't think he gets the rivalry.

Chris: Who needs experience when you back up two Heisman QBs in college?

Alex: Right. My fault. I forgot that you don't need to actually be and NFL caliber quarterback in order to cheat.

Chris: Nope. Cheating takes care of the intangibles and other stuff. Like talent. Or ability.

Alex: Talent is now an intangible?

Chris: Who needs it? You've got Ernie Adams and 31 NFL playbooks.

Alex: Well, and Rodney Dangerfield on your side. I guess that's a recipe for sucess.

: So, final score for the Dallas game this week?

Chris: Hmm... Dallas... 29, Arizona 24. Expect complaints for allowing 24 points and not scoring 124 points.

Alex: I'm thinking shootout. I'm tempted to say someone drops a 50-burger. But....I think I'm going 38-31, Dallas.

Chris: Safe. Healthy offense. No Pacman fallout?

Alex: If Pacman doesn't get Roger Goodell'd, I think he might take one to the house this week. He's due. He's dropped too many picks. His rust is coming off—

Chris: —Slowly

Alex: —I'm just saying we're ready for a breakout week.

Chris: I certainly hope so, and I know the city of Dallas is ready for a breakout.

Alex: Oh yes. We're in the habit of nay-saying at the moment. It's almost like Campo is back, so it's second nature.

Chris: I prefer Dallas to be the underdog, but a close underdog, just to give them a carrot.

Alex: Yeah.

Alex: Roethlis-prediction, by the way? (I realize it's a bye week for him, but it needs to be done)

Chris: Roethlis- fish, since it's a meatless week off.

Alex: I think I might go Roethlis-Ruby Tuesday. Because that's where he'll be taking his O-line to beef up.

Chris: [laughs] Buffet? Trough?

Alex: Oh, trough. Buffets are too civilized for the Steel City.

Chris: Blue collar, damn it. And in closing, the rest of our predictions:

Miami over Houston
Minnesota over Detroit
New Orleans over Oakland
Washington over St. Louis
Denver over Jacksonville
Dallas over Arizona
Philadelphia over San Francisco
Green Bay over Seattle
New York Giants over Cleveland

Season records to this week
Alex: 46-28
Chris: 47-27

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