Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 5 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.

Alex: So we both whiffed on Green Bay this week. And, you know, the upset didn't totally surprise me. I thought if Rodgers didn't play, they'd lose. Turns out I should have gone with my gut.

Chris: I just expected too much from a team that had paper experience over a team with paper inexperience.

Alex: No kidding. After this week, do you think the Falcons can hold a close game with anyone in the league? Or did the Packers make this biggest mistake ever by trading Favre?

Chris: I think Green Bay will start to legitimately miss Favre for the first time all year. And no, I still think Atlanta is a little bit away--- they're closing in, but I think they need a little more time.

Alex: Matt Ryan is a hell of a rookie. I think he might be Colton Manning in disquise.

Chris: [laughs] He's done a very good job coming out of college, already carrying himself like a veteran. BC had a stud there.

Alex: No kidding.

Alex: Oh, here's something nice... Houston, huh C-bass?

Chris: Um. For the record. All three picks. Were THAT close to turning out my way. Houston proves it can't stand playing with a lead; see the Frank Reich Bills.

Alex: [laughs] I'll give you a mulligan on that.

Alex: We both whiffed on SD. Is Norv Turner starting to pull an Oakland on us here?

Chris: Maybe. I want to know if the refs screwed San Diego out of this one. Or if Jake Delhomme screwed them this week. Because we know it's not the talent or the coach at fault.

Alex: I think Parcells might just be pulling some magic in Miami. And think about it, this is his second team to take over with a pothead, and win.

Chris: I think there's a trend... maybe Bledsoe or Vinny had some shady extracurricular activities we don't know about. And then there was LT...

Alex: Well, LT was addicted to leg-breaking. So, I guess that counts.

Chris: We all have our vices.

Alex: And another whiff, C-bass, on Philly. Do you believe in Zorn now?

Chris: Well... maybe... but... I also believe in the Washington Collapse: start out strong and split the remaining games.

Alex: True, Daniel Snyder is still running this team.

Chris: I think Philly is looking weaker and weaker and realized it had to win last week. And then they let the game slip out of reach. Meanwhile, Washington picks up another road divisional win and gets to visit the candy store with the rest of its schedule.

Alex: Question: Does Brian Westbrook 2008 = Terrell Owens 2004? As long as he's injured, the Eagles are anemic.

Chris: Maybe. It'll be hard to overcome it. And here I thought McNabb was the comeback player of the year... not valuable enough.

Alex: Apparently.

Alex: By the way, I can't believe I didn't side with the Roethlis-Deli last week. JAC dissapointed me.

Chris: No one needed this bye week more than Roethlis-manwich.

Alex: Yeah, and now he's got to go 11 weeks behind that line. I bet he doesn't make it through the Roethlis-season.

Chris: Boy, I don't know... who wins that division? Baltimore?

Alex: That's tough... I can't throw all my eggs in that Flacco-jacket.

Chris: It's not Cincinnati... I don't think Cleveland can afford to kick field goals to a division title.

Alex: Browns? Not a chance. That division is weak all of the sudden.

Chris: Are they the AFC NFCWest?

Alex: Maybe, man.

Alex: And finally, we both whiffed on NO at home. No comment on that one. Reggie did all he could.

Chris: They were just one more Reggie Bush return for a TD away from a win. Blame Hochuli if you want, but I blame New Orleans for pissing away a perfectly decent performance.

Alex: Sidenote- is Antoine Winfield the greatest defensive player in the NFL?

Chris: I think so, and I want to see what he does the rest of the season.

Alex: That's another sidenote, Hochuli is looking a bit shell-shocked still. I hope we don't get him at all this year. He's the new Geriatric Austin.

Chris: I've been hearing complaints and tears from Saints fans about the officiating. I give Hochuli more chances. He's built up credit. And we know how great credit is.

Season records after this week
Alex: 46-28
Chris: 47-27

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