Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 6 Bonus: Favre, Romo, & The Lion King

In this post, Alex and Chris examine some interesting coincidences...

Alex: So Romo might play this week. Favre texted him and said, "Test it out, if you can deal with the pain and throw well, you should play." So Romo tested it and thinks he can. It's 50-50.

Chris: I'm against Romo playing if he's a detriment to the team's performance. Plus if he is exposing himself to future and longer-term injury, I think he needs to sit on the bench. I'd rather have him against our division opponents than the Rams, win or lose.

Alex: Favre is cedeing his magic, C-bass. Favre-magic. Ceded. To Romo.

Chris: Completely?

Alex: It looks that way.

Alex: Obviously we'll have to wait until he plays, but Favre is trying.

Chris: Damn, if Favre is rooting for him... what can stop him?

Alex: Only Favre.

Chris: Favre is sacrificing himself to give eternal life to Romo.

Alex: Yeah, it's like Mufasa and Simba. With Mike McCarthy/Ted Thompson as Scar. "Killing" Favre by sending him to NY. Where he only exists as a voice, or big talking cloud.

Alex: Sometimes Favre resembles a god (6 td passes), but overall, a non-factor (he plays for the Jets). Can we go ahead and call the bumbling hyenas the Pats?

Chris: It was between the Eagles and Pats for me, I was stuck.

Alex: Well see, in the Lion King, the hyenas and Scar held pride rock captive. But without their leader (Tom Brady), the hyenas struggled to maintain control and eventually lost.

Chris: I'm sold.

Alex: So, this year = the year of the Lion King. Too bad Detroit sucks.

Chris: ...Roy Williams?

Alex: HEY! We have a Lion. Wow....

Chris: Fate.

Alex: It must be. Who are Timon and Pumba? Pumba is cleary Wade Phillips.

Chris: I think Timon could be Jerry Jones.

Alex: You know... Billy Crystal... I can't understand him sometimes. And I never understand Jerry. I think Jerry for sure.

Alex: And Zazu? The little blue bird?

Chris: Was he a major player at all? I can't remember.

Alex: Well, he was Mufasa's adviser and tried to tell Simba what to do, but Simba just said, "Okay sure, to make you happy I'll say yes, but really I'm going to do what I want." I feel like Zazu could be T.O. "GIVE ME THE BALL, TONY!" "Ok, sure, TO."

Chris: I think in this case, Favre represents pops, and Favre willingly jumps off the cliff into the stampede.

Alex: Yes, Favre = Mufasa.

Chris: Rafiki?

Alex: Crazy. Guru.

Chris: Jason Garrett?

Alex: Jason possibly. If it were Pac in question, then I'd go with Deion.

Chris: We'll include it as an option for Tyler Perry's Lion King.

Alex: [laughs] Oh God. Leonard Davis must have a role.

Chris: We could have Deion and Michael Irvin play the other characters.

Alex: So I think Romo sits this week, but next week onward he plays. Johnson can beat the Rams.

Chris: Also, does Andre Gurode fall asleep before the snap anymore this season?

Alex: He does it once a game. It's like he's a narcoleptic. If he weren't such a damn good blocker....

Chris: Choices.

Alex: It's like he's subscribing to the Mark Stepnoski "How to Play Center" rulebook—
Rule 1. Smoke weed every day.
Rule 2. Try to hide it.
Rule 3. If you forget the snap count, act like you didn't see Romo.

All Disney characters are property of Disney. Just dotting our i's and crossing our t's.

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