Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 6 Bonus: Goodell, Pacman Jones

In this bonus, Alex and Chris discuss timely issues concerning the NFL.

Alex: Have you read the story on Hines Ward?

Chris: Yes sir, Goodell is trying so hard to establish himself as a hardass. Unless it hurts the NFL, he'll come down on it.

Alex: Yeah. I'm willing to be if Goodell does anything to hurt the Cowboys again, Jerry Jones starts disagreeing with him on everything. Regardless if it's right or not. And I'm not joking. Al Davis did it to Pete Rozelle, and got Pete fired.

Chris: Al Davis also used to have a lot of credibility— and he held a grudge with everyone.

Alex: And you don't think Jerry has credibility? Jerry can hold a grudge if you cross him.

Chris: Jerry does, but this would have had more of an effect 10 years ago.

Alex: It just happens to be discriminant. I'm just saying, one more, and Jerry loses it. And people will fall behind him.

Chris: So do you think Pacman was punished unfairly?

Alex: I do. I don't believe he should have been suspended at all.

Chris: I think Jerry had absolutely no intention to punish Pacman and was trying to brush this one under the rug.

Alex: Now, do I think he's a complete angel? No way. But, this was a non-issue. The NFL should not be concerned with anything not involving police. And the league has a record of it.

Chris: Was there a no-alcohol condition in his contract?

Alex: Look at Lawrence Taylor. He WAS KNOWN to have drug problems, and back then, the NFL refused to suspend him 'cause he was such a draw for fans. Bottom line, the NFL is destroying its audience with some of these suspensions, and DEFINTELY the fines. It's no longer football. I don't want to watch 2-hand touch.

Chris: I don't think things have fallen to that extreme yet--- most fans don't know about some of the fines unless it's happened to their team.

Alex: It'll get there, trust me.

Chris: And going back to Pac, did he have any condition about avoiding alcohol in his contract?

Alex: Not the Cowboys contract. But according to Goodell, it was a stipulation of his reinstatment. But really, who knows?

Chris: So was there any agreement made in which Jones said he would avoid alcohol?

Alex:I think it was "I'll avoid public alcohol." Jerry seemed fine with Pac drinking by himself or with a few friends.

Chris: Second, would you be as concerned with Pac and his suspension if he were playing for, say, the Eagles?

Alex: I'd enjoy it. I still wouldn't think it was fair. But I'd revel in it. Just like how I thought Donovan McNabb was a crybaby over TO and should have sucked it up. I loved it. But I could define right and wrong.

Chris: In my opinion, he was bound to screw up, and better now than in December when the Cowboys NEED to focus and learn how to win. I say we cut ties with him and move on. He can hang out at Deion's ranch in Prosper in the meantime for all I care.

Alex: I agree. At this point, he's gone-zo.

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