Saturday, October 18, 2008

Week 7 in the NFL

Every Friday, Alex and Chris pick the weekend's NFL games and offer insight on their differences.

Alex: Week 7 starts off with SD and BUF. You've got SD. Looking at it on paper, I agree with you, I think. But, Buffalo is just Buffalo at home, you know?

Chris: I think it's momentum and mojo. SD is hot and they'll ride that wave.

Alex: They've got some grit and luck, I feel.

Chris: Small town values.

Alex: Exactly. But, we'll see. I'm a fencerider here.

Alex: Right next door, CAR and NO, You took CAR. This is another close one. New Orleans, I feel, can just put up more points.

Chris: I think Carolina is yo-yo enough to either tank today or show up big. They have a decent defense and I love me some defense. My question is if they can hold Bush to 2 return TDs.

Alex: Who knows. Bush is very yo-yo as well. It's yo-yo matchup.

Alex: Baltimore and Miami.....Baltimore C-bass? I learned after last week.

Chris: Flacco and the Ravens rebound here. And by now I figure teams will be ready for the daunted Wildcat offense. They might not completely shut it down, but I think they're familiar now.
Alex: Yeah. Ray Ray will murder someone if they go big with the 'cat.

Chris: And then deny any involvement.

Alex: Yeah. Of course.

Alex: This one...I might regret....NYG and SF. I'm taking the HUGE underdog— SF... I figure Martz is good for one big upset a year, and I'd rather it not be us.

Chris: Yeah, I'm banking on Eli getting his head straight. For the picks, I hope he pulls it out. But for the season, I hope our old Eli is back.

Alex: It sure looked it on Monday night.

Chris: I've grown tired of this unstoppable Eli from the past few months

Alex: Question: isn't it interesting that he has his worst games when his big stars come back? And his best when they aren't present?

Chris: Why is that? Does no one respect him but the scrubs?

Alex: Think about it, he just got better and better the less he had. Tiki goes, they get better. Shockey goes, Super Bowl. Plax goes for a game, they score 44. I don't know what the reason is... it's interesting, though.

Chris: Very interesting

Alex: And the final difference....Washington and Cleveland. I got Cleveland. This is another tough one.

Chris: I think Cleveland got lucky, and the Rams got lucky last week.

Alex: And by the way, I'm glad we got Cleveland out of the way.

Chris: Yes, and in grand fashion.

Alex: Well, see, here's the thing with Cleveland. They looked awful when we played 'em. But it seemed like they get some guys back and boom. So, jury's out, I think.

Chris: It's the 1950s all over again. I think I'll take the Redskins based on embarrassment after losing to a winless Rams squad. But I won't be too upset if i miss on the pick.

Alex: Yeah. I'd like to see Zorn tank, too.

Chris: And in closing, the Roethlis-ratings. Give me Roethlis-doublecheeseburger this week against the Bengals. A little extra, but still economical. Gets the job done without too much fanciness.

Alex: Against the Bengals? Man... Roethlis-... Roethlis... Roethlis-rack of ribs. He's HUGE against the Bengals.

Chris: And the rest of our picks this week:

Chicago over Minnesota
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
Tennessee over Kansas City
Dallas over St. Louis
Houston over Detroit
Indianapolis over Green Bay
New York Jets over Oakland
Tampa Bay over Seattle
Denver over New England

Season records to this week
Alex: 54-34
Chris: 54-34

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