Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week 7 Postmortem

A look back at the week, our picks, and our blunders.

Alex: Out of the gates, I pulled one on you with the Bills.

Chris: Yeah, I've given up on San Diego. No more faith. No expectations, no disappointment.

Alex: Question: Who would you rather have as a coach this week, Norv Turner or Wade Phillips?

Chris: San Diego looks like they need Mr. Fix It. I'd rather have Wade. I don't think he's some impotent simpleton at the helm, I think he's a respectable, intelligent coach who doesn't want to deal with riff raff.

Alex: I agree with you. See, I think this season he figured he could be the fan. But this week he's taking some of the reins back for defensive calls. So I think he was disappointed about it, but he's starting to coach again.

Alex: Next, you creamed me with that Carolina pick.

Chris: Your thoughts on the Saints?

Alex: I think we had this discussion last week, and apparently the yo-yo was up on Carolina this week. I think the Saints are fine, Carolina is just a streaky team.

Chris: And shame on them. I think they could be the wild card team that takes Dallas out of the playoffs. At least one of the teams in the NFC South needs to tank for Dallas to make the playoffs as a 3rd place NFC Easter.

Alex: Yeah.

Chris: I would have no problem if the NFC South took a lesson from the NFC West and only put one winning team out there.

Alex: Too bad I doubt it'll happen. And you know what? If the Cowboys miss the playoffs this year, and hopefully if that happens, we're last in the East— say hello to the 19-0 Super Bowl champions of 2010. While it's not good this year, it's kind of a win-win. Either we pull it together this year, and everyone's happy. Or we pull it together in a BIG WAY next year, and everyone's happy. Either way, everyone's happy.

Alex: Next game, Baltimore and Miami. You took Baltimore, and it's becoming obvious that Joe Flacco just doesn't want me to win.

Chris: I didn't see any of the highlights, save for Terrell Suggs' pick-six, but is the wildcat dead?

Alex: Jury's out. I think it might be more of the Ray Ray fire. And the Baltimore defense just being the Baltimore defense.

Alex: Can we skip talking about my upset special this week? I need to learn that sometimes my gut is just wrong. Either that, or hope rarely transcends reality.

Chris: Maybe it was an upset stomach resulting in stress from Romo and the injury.

Alex: I think that's a safe bet.

Alex: Man, and why on earth did I trust Cleveland?

Chris: I really don't know.

Alex: You took the safe route this week and kinda killed me.

Chris: So the Browns— what is the rule and what is the exception? Browns-Giants, Browns-Redskins (close), Browns-Cowboys.

Alex: I think the common factor is Kellen Winslow. He didn't play v. Giants: won. Played v. Redskins: lost. Lost all other games he played. So, I guess we'll find out this week— Kellen is suspended.

Chris: Could be a win?

Alex: If I'm right, expect a win for the Dogpound.

Unfortunate mutual gaffes. Moral of the story: Pick the home team.

Records this week
Alex: 6-8
Chris: 9-5

Overall records

Alex: 60-42
Chris: 63-39

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